Engineering education in Nepal: Best in Asia

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Jeetendra Ghimire

Upon attaining a ten-plus-two qualification, Most Nepalese students wish to go abroad for higher studies. Subsequently, those students’ enrollment is decided on the basis of their parents’ source of income, but most of them wish their children study in the best college across the globe. However, there are many factors that should be considered wisely before confirming an enrollment in a college.

There are some crucial factors that help one decide on an appealing college: previous knowledge of faculty and course, possible expenses and management. These are very essential for every parent and student. However, only few students and parents know that the engineering education in Nepal is the best in south Asia.

Most engineering colleges in Nepal impart globally acclaimed quality education. Quality education incorporates cutting edge laboratory, library and faculty members that are excellent in Nepalese engineering institutions. Similarly, the course of study of engineering in Nepal is comparatively of high standard. A large number of students, who have completed engineering courses from Nepalese Universities, can easily pass the exam of engineering council for licensing their valid qualification. Similarly, Nepalese engineers have shown incredible performance in both job landing sector and higher studies in and beyond their mother land.

Around 70% theoretical knowledge of engineering education is identical globally, but practical classes are conducted in accordance with the need and demand of the country. In this regard, foreign educational institutions cannot provide the education we expect as per the need of the country. And Nepalese students attaining an engineering degree in a foreign land cannot be familiar with Nepal and its social and topographical anomalies. As a result, they remain in dilemma after returning to their homeland.

According to the Nepal Engineering Council, as many as 52000 engineers have already received their engineering license from it. Among them, around 25000 engineers are working in Nepal and the rest are working in foreign swathes, which proves that engineering colleges in Nepal are successfully imparting highly competitive syllabuses and preparing adroit human resources that can be globally employable without undergoing any probation period. In this regard, it’s not a wise decision of either parents or students to pursue engineering education in foreign lands when Nepalese institutions are showing marvels vis-à-vis dispatching highly skilled engineering human resources.

About 51 engineering colleges associated with Six Universities of Nepal provide engineering education at affordable fee structure that can be easily borne by desperate parents. In addition, the engineering curriculum is taught in 14 branches of engineering and 24 subjects in Nepal. Despite an exodus of a large number of students to foreign lands, a significant number of students are pursuing their engineering course in Nepal.

Since we know engineering education is very significant in today’s context globally, it should be pursued carefully. It may cost a leg and arm to each learner if the course is taken as a fashion since it is relatively expensive in comparison to other courses in Nepal. However, there are many institutions that offer a range of scholarship privileges to desperate and passionate learners that have higher enthusiasm to attain an engineering degree in their mother land.  


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