EC Council accredits Texas College


Texas College of Management & IT has been approved as EC Council Academia partner. This is the first college to have the EC Council in Nepal. In the same row, Mr. Suman Thapaliya has also been certified with a CEH V10 CEI— the first Academic CEI in Nepal. The main objective of introducing this program to Nepal is to facilitate bachelor level students. Moreover, Texas offers an array of IT Programs, such as BIT, BCS, BCA and BSC CSIT. In order to prepare Nepalese youths for ensuring recent and award-winning information and technology-intertwined courses the EC Council has been established in Nepal.

Being academic partners, students will get benefit of around 40% discount on exam voucher. This scheme will be award-winning for students who pursue Cyber Security course and also it will equally benefit students wishing to establish their career in Security. As an addendum characteristic, the college has been approved by CISCO Network Academy, too that targets Networking students wishing to establish their careers in Networking. Even this course pledges students a 40% discount on Examination Voucher.


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