Credibility of Nepalese engineering education is as high as winning mojo of our graduates

Pratap Raj Joshi
Pratap Raj Joshi

Pratap Raj Joshi

Kantipur International College, affiliated to Purbanchal University, was established in 2000 AD. It has gained wider acclaim as the pioneering college for hotel management program, which is administered under single ownership. The college offers BE Civil, B. Architecture, MBA (FALL), MBA (SPRING), MHM/MHHM, BHM, BHCM, BBA and BID.

Pratap Raj Joshi is the Executive Director at Kantipur International College. The main motto of this college is to produce adroit human resources who play a great role in advancing the community in particular and the nation at large. It not only focuses on the academic excellence of students also it ensures their holistic development, i.e. discipline, presentation, demeanor, and interaction skills and many more. Excerpts:

What are the unique features of Kantipur International College?

Kantipur International College is a highly reputed and advanced college in terms of its convincing course choices that are availed by each college enrollee in the engineering program. The college comprises academic professionals who have made their contributions to multi-disciplinary aspects of teaching. It has managed to recruit experienced, dedicated and qualified faculty teachers. The college provides professional training, career development counseling and intensive practical sessions apart from its regular classes. In addition, it possesses an appealing physical infrastructure with sufficient equipment and amenities.

How would you like to acknowledge the achievement of your graduates in the global setting?

Since its inception, Kantipur International College has been producing highly qualified human resources that are making direct impacts on the country’s economy. The human resources of management and engineering spheres have high demand in the global market. Therefore, our graduates of the management stream have become independent with their entrepreneurship skill. Similarly, our architects and civil engineers have embraced appealing job opportunities in the country and beyond. As far as I know, I have not found any unemployed graduates of our college.

You had founded a hotel management college in 2000 AD. How do you analyze the scope of hotel management qualifications between the past and present contexts?

Most parents and the students were unaware of the scope of hotel management when the college was established. During Maoist Armed Revolution, which lasted a decade, most Nepalese went to foreign countries where they witnessed the growing charm of hospitality and management (hotel management). In fact, tourism has become the most reliable source of income for most countries in the world. In this regard, Nepal also has high potentiality of tourism industry. Therefore, the scope of hotel management and hospitality in Nepal is ever growing as the government has brought some programs that would surely galvanize foreigners to visit Nepal for their leisurely pursuits.

Engineering Association has recently organized an education fair that conveyed the message to career hopefuls that engineering education in Nepal could help them carve out a path to a successful career. In your opinion, what are other factors that bolster the credibility of Nepalese engineering education?

The fair has spread the message to all parents and students that Nepalese engineering colleges have those standards and can impart world-class education with scholarship and low fee structure. In addition, the students who study in Nepal will be able to learn and adjust themselves in the Nepalese environment, topography, climate and bio-diversity. Such practical knowledge they gain while taking part in practical classes during their field visits. Similarly, teenagers need parental care and protection, which is possible while studying in their native land under the observation of their parents. On the contrary, if they go to foreign countries for higher studies, they may be misguided due to proper guidance and peculiar cultural practices. So, it is essential for students to pursue bachelor level programs in their native land.

What is the provision of job placement for your graduates by your college?

Our quality assurance for management and engineering programs is of high credibility. As we produce highly qualified human resources, we do not see any problems concerning unemployment. That is, our graduates have got placement privileges in hospitality and hotel management due to its growing demand in Nepal. However, the required number of human resources of civil engineering is not available in the country, which could be fulfilled by our programs. In this regard, unemployment is a rare thing for our graduates.

Kantipur International College is a Purbanchal University affiliate. What are the strengths of Purbanchal University?

Purbanchal University is a highly trusted university in Nepal. It has adopted diversified courses that are designed to meet the wider demand of the modern world. The curricula mainly focus on development of science and technology. The University has adopted modern pedagogy in its teaching and learning activities. The course is revised and updated as the change of time and demand of the global market. Similarly, it maintains good coordination among its affiliated and constituent colleges. The University maintains an academic calendar and ensures timely conduct of exams and result publication. The examination system of the University is convincing and welcoming.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates so that they do not have to dilly-dally in search of bachelor level program in a foreign land?

First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all ten-plus-two graduates. I also suggest they visit Everest International College either for management or engineering course. The college has maintained a good camaraderie among students, parents, teachers and management. Therefore, we feel Everest International College is the second home of the students where we endeavor to resolve any kinds of problems and show them pathways to successful careers ahead.


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