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Shivraj Baral
Shivraj Baral

Er. Shiva Raj Baral
Lumbini Engineering College

Having started teaching career as a part time teacher in 2056 B.S., Er. Shiva Raj Baral taught at many engineering colleges, including Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur. He has taught various subjects such as engineer professional practice, project management, electronics and communication and computer. He also worked as Head of Department at Kathmandu Engineering College. Currently, he is working at Lumbini Engineering College as Principal.

Lumbini Engineering College Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading engineering colleges in Nepal. Lumbini Engineering, Management & Science College (affiliated to Pokhara University) is a Lumbini Engineering College Associate. Currently, it is running Diploma in Computer Engineering, Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Diploma in Civil Engineering, affiliated to CTEVT and BE Computer, BE Civil, BE Electrical and Electronics, M.Sc. (Construction Management) and M.Sc. Structural Engineering, affiliated to Pokhara University.

You’ve been involved in engineering education for the past 28 years. How is your analysis regarding engineering education in Nepal?

Truly speaking, engineering education of Nepal, in terms of its course syllabi, is really of world-class standard. The engineering education of all Nepalese Universities meet the standard of world’s acclaimed education. Therefore, our engineering graduates can compete worldwide in their related field. However, while analyzing the market demand of engineering related human resources is high but the tendency of draining out abroad in search of jobs is in the alarming state. All concerned people of Nepal should play a significant role and spread the message that engineering education of Nepal is of world standard and students need not go abroad for bachelor education. Similarly, the government should create job opportunities in an adequate number in the country so that the trend of students leaving the country in the name of quality education can be diminished significantly. This trend has encouraged Nepalese youths to hold a BE degree and settle in foreign lands, which is really appalling for the country’s economy. It therefore should be controlled by the government in collaboration with private engineering colleges.

What are the distinct features of Lumbini Engineering College?

Lumbini Engineering College has earned a unique reputation concerning the deliverance of quality engineering education in Nepal. Undoubtedly, our products are competitive, qualified, highly-skilled, dedicated and hardworking. Thus, they are easily saleable in the market. Similarly, Lumbini Engineering College has given focus on practical orientation and presentation. Beside curricular courses, the college has been imparting practical knowledge and skill to be adjusted in the real field. We provide necessary counseling on the importance of engineering education that opens multiple doors of opportunities for graduates. We have also been extending cooperation with many job providers for internship. In this regard, we infer that the college possesses adequate and rich physical infrastructure and maintains an appropriate academic environment.

What remarkable improvement have you made after assuming the office at Lumbinin Engineering College as Principal?

We are working in a team with the spirit of fraternity and organizational harmony. Since I held the leadership of the college, we have made remarkable improvement in practical orientation. We cooperate with our pass out graduates to solve existing problems in job landing sector since they have already gained the experience in this field. Moreover, we have ensured our students are familiar with the engineering education, its scope and importance.

OPEN has recently organized an education fair focusing on bachelor education in Nepal. Still, the trend of students leaving their native land is increasing. How can this problem be solved?

I have already shared with you that engineering education of Nepal is not less appealing than that of the same education in foreign lands; it is cheaper and more convenient. We therefore should spread this message in order to raise awareness among our parents. In addition, they should also know that private colleges in Nepal can provide all sorts of internationally acclaimed syllabuses as it does not sound good that ten-plus-two graduates are leaving the native land in pursuit of quality education which they can acquire here. In the case of Lumbini Engineering College, we have been imparting global standard of engineering education. Still, there is a huge demand of engineers in various fields. The government should create secure and happy environment for private investors.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates for engineering education?

Engineering education is, in fact, is practical and innovative work. One should be laborious to be an engineer untiringly. I suggest ten-plus-two graduates they study engineering education for a better future. The person who is laborious and hardworking can easily reach his/her destination. In this regard, if you trust Lumbini Engineering College, you will get an appealing career.


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