Appealing engineering education is asset to nation’s economic milestone

Rameshwar Rijal
Rameshwar Rijal

Er. Rameshwar Rijal

Er. Rameshwar Rijal, who is the Principal at Kantipur Engineering College and former President of AECoN, claims engineering education of Nepal is of world-class.  In his words, all the graduates of Kantipur Engineering College have shown jaw-dropping marvels in the world of technological advancements. And they are competent enough to accomplish greater things that make direct impacts on country’s economic growth. He also believes Nepalese engineers can compete with any engineers prepared by foreign universities.

He opines that not only engineering programs also all bachelor programs in Nepal are globally acclaimed qualifications which prepare learners to be responsible, dedicated and committed to nation building. Therefore, bachelor level collegiate should learn Nepalese culture and environment which is possible only through courses that are pursued in the country. Moreover, bachelor students can do marvels under the observation of their tutors and parents in their native land. Subsequently, they become familiar with Nepalese culture since today’s youths are the target of western culture that has spoiled their feeling of nationalism. Furthermore, in most cases, Nepalese students are unreasonably manipulated by consultants in Nepal which could be the main cause of squandering their valuable time and their parents’ hard earned money. In addition, Nepalese colleges provide world-class education at an affordable fee structure, which is rare at foreign universities/ colleges as students in foreign lands have to squander a huge amount of wealth for the same quality. Excerpts:

You are the past president of ACON, and currently you are taking the responsibility of an advisor. To what extent are private colleges in Nepal maintaining globally acclaimed quality in education impartation?

We are still not clear about a limpid definition of quality which should be integrated with our education system. We should evaluate overall performance and competency of students to measure the quality. The engineering education in Nepal is sufficient to fulfill the national needs as well as has met the international standard in its curricula. As well as holding high level posts in both governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country, our graduates also work in reputed international organizations and projects in various parts of the world. While analyzing the data of engineering education in Nepal, we can claim that Nepalese engineering colleges are successful in imparting quality education to meet the global standard in terms of competency of graduates and integrated curricula in bachelor level.

There is a growing trend of going abroad for higher study in bachelor level. What are the effective ways to resolve this appalling trend?

There is a trend among ten-plus-two graduates leaving Nepal for study abroad programs which is appalling and alarming. It is not easy to control it by single efforts of private educational institutions. So, it needs joint effort of the government, non-government organizations and civil society. The government should take initiative by introducing appropriate plan, all-accepted policy and law. In addition, the government should extend its cooperation to the private sector. In my view, the government should bring such a policy that compels students to pass an entrance examination before they go to foreign lands, which may diminish the exodus of such students to a large extent. Similarly, the government should give assurance of international standard quality which is maintained by Nepalese institutions. What’s more! The joint effort of the government and private educational institutions can play a pivotal role in raising awareness amid people of ground level and can curtail the menace of study abroad programs spearheaded by Nepalese consultancy offices.

How do you evaluate the dropout rate of students of engineering program in Nepal which is about to exceed the alarming signal of academic apocalypse?

There are many reasons behind the growing dropout rate in the engineering arena in Nepal. So, we should find out major causes behind this menace. In my view, students join engineering program in dilemma, many of whom apply for the same course in a foreign land at the same time. As a result, as soon as they get opportunity in a foreign swathe they don’t take seconds to quit their study in Nepal which is the major cause of growing drop-out rate of engineering students in engineering colleges in Nepal. Similarly, a large number of students join engineering course without assessing their own capability and interest. So, only capable and interested students should pursue engineering education that can be foundational pillars of the nation after acquiring engineering skills. Similarly, the respective University should bring the policy that incorporates the approval of continuing third year of bachelor education only after attaining the first year course. In addition, engineering campuses should impart quality education under strict discipline and friendly academic environment.

Could you share with us the contributions of Kantipur Engineering College to the field of engineering education in Nepal?

Kantipur Engineering College is one of the oldest TU affiliates administered by the private sector. The college has dispatched 24 batches of students successfully till date. And they are serving various organizations in and beyond their native land. In addition, KEC is running its programs in collaboration with more than 50 reputed universities in the world and it is organizing a series of student exchange programs in various countries in order to escalate communication skills and confidence of the learners. This program also gives them a rare opportunity to discern world’s cultural practices.

What are the unique features of Kantipur Engineering College?

Kantipur Engineering College is one of the leading colleges in the field of engineering education. It has gained venerable acclaim of quality education inside and outside the country. Moreover, its physical infrastructures pull the attention of most of the visitors. The college regularly organizes research and study-exchange programs in collaboration with the world’s top-most universities. This could be true our products have shown jaw-dropping performance in both job-landing sector and higher study. The college enables its learners to expose themselves to global scenario through multiple student-visit/ exchange programs.

How is the condition of job placement facilities to your graduates?

We impart quality education fulfilling requisite of the University’s competitive curricula. Besides, we provide essential training and student-centered programs to sharpen the skills of our learners who can remain competitive in any parts of the world. And, our graduates are privileged to receive various job opportunities in Nepalese organizations and corporate houses. Many of them have become entrepreneurs and have created job opportunities for other career chasers.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates?

Bachelor level education is the cornerstone of a career. So, students ought to choose a subject as per their interest and passion. Similarly, they should ensure an admission in such a college which can satisfy their academic quench. On the contrary, students should not be compelled by peer pressure and eye-catching adverts and graffiti. Lastly, I advise ten-plus-two graduates to visit Kantipur Engineering College to acquire all information regarding the prospects of engineering education in Nepal.


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