Acme has gained acclaim of outstanding engineering education in Nepal

Pradip Kumar Poudel
Pradip Kumar Poudel

Pradip Kumar Paudyal

Acme Engineering College has been accredited by Purbanchal University, which was established in 2000 AD. Commenced with the courses of Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Bachelor in Civil Engineering, the college now offers four different programs in Bachelor level: Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Bachelor in Electronic and Communication Engineering and Bachelor in Architecture, and in the subsequent master’s level it offers M.Sc. in Information System Engineering and M.Sc. in Engineering Management.

Er. Pradip Kumar Paudyal is the Principal at Acme Engineering College which is the first engineering college to have got affiliation from Purbanchal University. The college actively participates in designing and developing the syllabi of the University. Excerpts:

Could you tell us about the distinct features of Acme College?

Acme College has managed and run under corporate system. In addition, it is the pioneering engineering college of Purbanchal University. The college actively participates in designing and developing the syllabi of the University. Regarding physical infrastructure, it has state-of-the-art infrastructure that incorporates capacious and well-furnished classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and a resourceful library. In addition, the college embodies highly education, dedicated and experienced lecturers. And the optimal focus of the college is to provide empirical education that prioritizes preparation of globally employable human resources.

How is the achievement of Acme College graduates in global economy?

Acme College has shown its outstanding performance by maintaining global standards of education impartation in the field of engineering education. As a result, most graduates have shown their outstanding performance in both job landing sectors as well as in higher studies. One of our students in electronics group had secured the stratospheric position in master’s level at Melbourne University two years ago. Similarly, one of our students, who has completed bachelor level, has got enrollment opportunity in master’s degree up to PhD program in the USA. Acknowledging job placement status of our graduates, they have secured higher positions in both government and non-government organizations in the country and beyond. In addition, many of our graduates have created a number of jobs for unemployed people in the country which has directly supported the government to reduce the unemployment rate of the country.

In your opinion, why one should study Engineering Education?

Engineering education plays a significant role in physical development of society and the nation. The prosperity of the nation cannot be enhanced without developing engineering education. Civil engineers, computer engineers, architect engineers, etc have a high demand globally and their demand is even more in developing countries like ours which are moving ahead with physical development. Engineers can get boundless opportunities worldwide without much effort.

What is your inference that underpins the significance of studying engineering course in Nepal?

Nepalese universities are able to impart world class education in bachelor level. As we have got the facility of guaranteed education in Nepal with low fee structure, it is not essential for any career hopefuls to go to overseas countries for higher studies. Nepalese universities/ colleges could be able to produce globally competitive bachelor graduates independently. In addition, it’s guaranteed that after a four-year engineering course an engineering student is able to pass the council exam for license with abundant knowledge of engineering sector for a secure career.

It is conspicuous that the drop-out rate is going to exceed the alarming limit in terms of engineering education in Nepal. In your opinion, what qualities should be possessed by students so as to attain an engineering qualification in Nepal?

First of all, students themselves should analyze their inherent quality and capacity that help them conquer any academic problems. Second, they themselves should decide on their future careers. If they have strong will and commitment to be an engineer, they should embark on engineering education attain an appealing success. On the other side of the same coin, students should not be misguided by their peer group and should not be pressurized by their parents. Similarly, those career hopefuls should have strong knowledge of mathematics and physics to show marvels in engineering education.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates who are in search of a right subject in science stream in bachelor level?

First of all, I suggest ten-plus-two graduates they should not go abroad for the engineering education. All colleges in foreign lands are not relevant and affordable for all Nepalese students. In some contexts, all colleges in foreign swathes cannot provide quality education in comparison to engineering colleges in Nepal. Similarly, I suggest they should choose a college in Nepal by acquiring information regarding the future of engineering education.


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