Technical education supercharges life-enhancing skills for sustainability

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Kishor Kumar Pandey

Kishor Kumar Pandey is the Managing Director at Nepalgunj Technical College. Having started a career as an instructor of TSLC program in 2054, he established his own institute with TSLC program. In 2065 BS, he took one step forward for establishing Nepalgunj Technical College with the joint venture of like-mined people. The college offers Diploma in Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering, HA and Lab Technician, affiliated to CTEVT. Mr. Pandey shared his view on technical education, mission and vision of his institute. Excerpts:

How was the attraction and demand of technical education at the initial time when you started technical education in this region?

In those days, neither students nor guardians were aware of the importance of technical education. We laid the foundational stone of technical education and produced skilled human resources. All of our graduates have got a wealth of employment opportunities across the globe. As a result, the attraction in technical education gradually increased among a large number of students and parents.

How do you acknowledge the performance of your graduates in the global market?

As far as I know, most of graduates hold respectable jobs and some of them are renowned entrepreneurs. The first choice of our product is in the government job. If not possible, they draw their attention towards non-governmental organizations. The attraction for self-employment and entrepreneurship has been in an increasing trend in the recent days.

Based on your experience, which problems of technical education have been overlooked by the government and stakeholders?

Some of the institutes offer technical education without fulfilling the criteria, and there is no uniformity in fee structure, too. So, the standard set by CTEVT should be followed by all technical institutes across the country. We are imparting qualitative education at affordable fee structure. Nepalgunj Technical College is contributing immensely to the production of adept human resources required for the nation. Some of technical institutions do not have sustainable source of funding; as a result, they cannot invest as sufficiently as required. So, some institutions are providing poor services to students due to which the products will not be able to develop confidence and efficiency in the job landing field.

Please suggest some gateways for the improvement of existing problems of technical education in Nepal by CTEVT.

CTEVT should make acceptable rules and regulations, and the existing acts should be strictly maintained. For fulfilling the criteria of CTEVT, it takes some time. So, CTEVT should provide sufficient time and boundary to colleges in order to fulfill the criteria. Similarly, dismissing TSLC immediately won’t be fruitful. Therefore, the government should give sufficient time for it and the CTEVT should provide affiliation of Diploma program to those colleges that offer PCL program.

Which areas of technical education need immediate reforms from the government and investors?

Investors should also follow all the rules, regulations and standard of CTEVT. Unhealthy competition among technical colleges should be discouraged and they should be guided by service motive rather than profit motive. So, an unreasonable fee should not be imposed. A unanimous standard should be applied for determining fee structure in all technical colleges across Nepal. Furthermore, technical education is a life-changing education which develops confidence and makes an individual independent in life. So, technical institutes should give focus on practical orientation and prepare students to be able to perform well in the global market.

What message would you like to convey to parents and students as Managing Director of Nepalgunj Technical College?

First of all, I would like to suggest all students and guardians that technical education is the urgent need of today’s world. It is the most demanded and skilled based education across the globe. The technical education boosts morale of an individual to lead a happy, easy and successful life. The human resources with technical skills are easily employable irrespective of geographical locations and are in high demand in national and international market. So, I request all the guardians and the students they visit Nepalgunj Technical Institute to get all required information about opportunities of technical education and join it in order to develop life-enhancing skills and confidence. No one has to dilly-dally in pursuit of a job if they acquire a certificate and skills of technical education.


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