Oxford is helping nation with deployment of prodigious designers

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Deependra Bhatta

Deependra Bhatta
Oxford Advanced Engineering College

Oxford Advanced Engineering College is the pioneer institution in the field of technical education. It has prepared myriads of graduates of technical course since its inception. The college is fully committed to imparting quality education to meet the demand of the present world. It has been running Diploma in Civil Engineering and Diploma in Computer Engineering, affiliated to CTEVT.

Deependra Bhatta is the Principal at Oxford Advanced Engineering College. He claims that products in Civil and Computer have shown outstanding performance in both job landing sector and higher studies. They have been playing their leading role in government service, particularly in reconstruction sector. The college has played an important role in providing job placement privileges to our students. Due to this reason, none of our products are jobless till date.  Excerpts:

What are the unique features of Oxford Advanced Engineering College?

The college focuses on practical implementation of knowledge in real field. We manage practical classes for civil engineers in a big structure. We take them to various sites in order to gain their confidence in such huge construction sites. Moreover, it enables them to gain practical knowledge. Similarly, for students of computer engineering, we give focus on project work and make them able to develop website and software. Our students are confident with accomplishing their task since they are well instructed and trained. Similarly, our teachers are well-qualified, experienced and dedicated. All the teachers are Master’s degree holders.

How is the demand of your products in the market?

Our products are qualified, engaged and confident in their respective fields. Since there is trust and recognition of our college in the field of quality and practical-based education, there is a high demand of our products in the market. Many reputed companies and construction sites send us their demand of engineers in construction and computer sectors. In addition, many of our products have become entrepreneurs and have been working as consultants by establishing construction consultancy offices.

In your opinion, why should students study technical education after the SEE?

The development of the country depends on the availability of technical human resources. Technical human resources have urgent need for a developing country like ours. Technical education is job-oriented and skilled-based. It makes an individual independent and entrepreneur. It also ensures the economic prosperity of an individual since it is a hands-on education that bestows on them a life-changing skill apart from qualification certificate. At present, there is a high demand of diploma in engineering inside the country. Similarly, technical human resources can get a wealth of job opportunities in any part of the world. Their confidence, skill and efficiency are very useful for the global society. Furthermore, technical education gives productive fruits within short span of time.

What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates for their further study?

Students are like clay, and it is our duty to give them proper shape and size through proper guidance and instructions. Students should be provided with proper guidelines by identifying their inherent capabilities. In my opinion, we should show various options of education for better future, but they should provide freedom to choose their way independently. So, I suggest students they should choose the subject by analyzing their inherent capability, internal interest, market demand and paying capacity of their parents.

There are many colleges established with the commitment of imparting quality education. So, students should choose such a college which has glorious past, clear vision and commitment to satisfy the need of students. The students should not be manipulated and influenced by their peer group and cheap advertisements of any colleges. They should understand the ground reality which choosing the best institution realizing their circumstances.


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