HISSAN honors Silwal and Bhandari

source : Kantipur

Ramesh Kumar Silwal— CEO at GoldenGate International College and President of Higher Institutions and Secondary Schools’ Association-Nepal (HISSAN)— has been appointed as Member Secretary of National Sports Council. Minister for Youth and Sports, Jagat Bahadur Bishwakarma appointed him for the post as per the decision of the ministry. Mr. Silwal is the founder president of Madan Bhandari Sports Academy and owner of Franchise Cricket Team Kathmandu Goldens. He is the 18th Member Secretary of National Sports Council.  He was also an ad-hoc president of Cricket Association of Nepal formed by National Sports Council in 2016.

After taking the oath, Mr. Silwaal has made his plan to organize 13th South Asian Games (SAG) in the scheduled time. The SAG droops over him as a challenge as well as opportunity for him. Therefore, his commitment adheres to the successful completion the SAG as it is directly connected with the prestige and fortune of the nation.

Prime Minster KP Sharma Oli has bestowed him a chance to prove his capability in a challenging stage. Acknowledging his trust, Mr. Silwal has been ready to take up the challenge as it is a golden opportunity to carve his appellation in a stone that will remain as a milestone in the sphere of games and sports in Nepal. At the oath taking ceremony, Mr. Silwal said that he would not leave any stones unturned so as to let every Nepali hold their head high in during his tenure.

The SAG had been scheduled to occur from 1-10, December in Nepal, but it had been notoriously postponed thrice. Now, it has been confirmed that the 13th SAG will be held from 01-14 December, 2019. Therefore, there are only four months to make all necessary arrangements for the games, in which monsoon lasts two months. In such a condition, it is really a challenge for him to organize such grand sporting events in the stipulated time. However, he seems committed and dedicated to organizing the events in time by drafting the calendar of daily work. He further added that he has not been appointed in National Sports Council as a job holder rather he is destined to accomplish something jaw-dropping and exceptional.

Higher Institutions and Secondary Schools’ Association- Nepal (HISSAN) felicitated Ramesh Kumar Silwal for his appointment as Member Secretary at National Sports Council and Lok Bahadur Bhandari as Chairman/Coordinator of Nepal Scouts. The Central HISSAN and District Committee members, along with Direction Committee member, Dr. Madhav Baral, Senior Vice Presidents-Yuvaraj Sharma and Nawaraj Pandey, Secretary Ram Hari Silwal, congratulated and wished each of them a successful tenure ahead. The N-PABSON President, Hritu Raj Neupane, PABSON Secretary Sangita Silwal and President of Forum for Technical and Health Sciences, Khagendra Adhikari congratulated them on their appointment.

The PABSON has been the first organization to conduct such a felicitation program to honor Mr. Ramesh Kumar Silwal.


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