CTEVT programs can bestow on learners same dignity as medical, aviation and engineering courses

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Ramesh Kumar Thapa

Ramesh Kumar Thapa

Sigh Academy was established in 2064 BS with the aim of producing middle level technical human resources. It offers an array of course choices of T-SLC programs: Lab Assistant, Veterinary JTA, Agriculture-JTA and Civil Sub-Overseer, affiliated to CTEVT.

Ramesh Kunwar Thapa is the Managing Director at Singh Academy. The academy is purely a technical institution, committed to producing skilled human resources needed for the country’s development. Excerpts:

Could you tell us the features of Singh Academy?

It is a well-established and widely recognized technical institution for TSLC programs. The institute has given focus on three basic things: 1. Practical education that emphasizes on mobilizing hand and brain of students. 2. Theoretical education along with its practical implementation. 3. Maintenance of strict discipline and compassion among the students. So, practical education, strict discipline and emphasis on theoretical education are three features of our institution.

The importance of technical education seems to be inevitable in the context of Nepal, but the attraction has not been reached up to the local level. What is your opinion on such anomalies?

Due to lack of sufficient message and clear concept to the people of rural areas, the attraction in technical education has not significantly increased. Similarly, it is not within the access of under-privileged and marginalized communities as well as local communities. Similarly, there is no attraction among youths in urban and sub-urban areas and among high economic class people. The government has recently introduced the policy of 70-30% of technical and general education respectively. Its implementation is not easy in this situation. For its successful implementation, appropriate policy, programs should be brought and information campaign should be launched in rural areas. The government and private-funded media should play positive role in successful implementation of such programs.

In your opinion, why one should study technical education?

Technical education is the base for the development of a country. The progress, prosperity and development of the country depend on availability and devotion of technical human resources which is really essential for removing existing unemployment problems in Nepal. So, technical education should be pursued for the assurance of secure future of individuals which eventually contribute to the prosperous future of the country.

Following the SEE, most students join ten-plus-two program and very a few number of students with low grades get enrolled in technical institution. What is the reason behind this?

There are two options available for SEE graduates for their higher education. One is general education and can choose their professional career-based education only after completing ten-plus-two education. Students who want to be doctors or engineers have to study ten-plus-two science and those who want to become charter accountants or other professionals for the management of an organization, they should pursue the management faculty. However, those students who want to go directly to technical field with a little investment in their small businesses or ones who want to get jobs in a short period of time, can join CTEVT courses. It is widely accepted that the students who have completed their CTEVT course can get job opportunities immediately. Another option is related to obtaining a higher degree of technical field and acquiring CTEVT qualification, which will really be an award-winning decision of career hopefuls. Subsequently, they can acquire expertise in the future as they have strong qualification of CTEVT. The CTEVT education is a hands-on education that allows its learners to earn by utilizing their skills. If they go to technical field from bachelor level directly, they will be new learners.

What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates?

First of all, I would like to congratulate all the SEE graduates for their achievements. Similarly, I would like to suggest they should go for life-enhancing education to be self-dependent which is a fast track to get multiple opportunities.  In addition, medical, aviation and engineering are reputed occupations and technical education. CTEVT programs also give equal dignity to the learners in the society. So, I advise them to choose a suitable area by analyzing their inherent capacity, paying capacity of their parents and the demand of the country. In my analysis, in the context of Nepal, CTEVT medium level human resources have high demand in the country.


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