Butwal Public School holds Music Fiesta in Pokhara

Butwal Public School

Butwal Public School held BPS IDOL-2076 on 26 Jestha 2076 in Lakeside, Pokhara amid a large number of participants and spectators. In addition, the programme went live and thousands of parents and viewers enjoyed the ceremony despite their inability to watch it physically.

A total of 20 contestants showed their jaw-dropping dance and singing talents that triggered the crescendo of music and dance in the school premises.

Chief Guest of the porgramme was Ratna Man Gurung, the founder principal of Tops Secondary School Pokhara, and the programme was chaired by the School Chairman, Hemlal Sharma.

At the end of the event, the winners were awarded the trophies and other participants were given a consolation prize by the Chief Guest and the Chairperson of Butwal Public School. Judges, teachers and guests were presented tokens of love by the Chairperson before concluding the event.

Before the main event of BPS IDOL, the school had organized a tour to historical and religious places in Pokhara for the students of Grades Eight and Nine along with contestants of BPS IDOL (Senior)-2076 from Grade Seven. The entourage enjoyed the scenic beauty of Pokhara city and its surroundings and jaw-dropping picturesque of majestic mountains. Moreover, the guided tour visited National Mountain Museum, Devi’s Fall, Gupteshwor Cave and so on and didn’t miss the opportunity to have a boating experience on Fewa Lake. In addition, a documentary show at the National Mountain Museum was worth watching. The tour was really enjoyable and blissful for the tour participants.

Next year’s BPS IDOL( Senior-2077) will be held in Bardiya.


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