Asian Engineering College: First College for Diploma in Architecture Engineering Program (affiliated to CTEVT)

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Binod Shrestha

Binod Shrestha

Asian Engineering College, founded by a team of dynamic, dedicated, enthusiastic and well-experienced scholars, engineers, experts and prominent lecturers of IoE, TU offers courses of Diploma in Civil & Architecture Engineering, affiliated to CTEVT.

Binod Shrestha is the Managing Director at Asian Engineering College. He shared his views on technical education, which is one of the most sought career pathways, with College Readers. Excerpts:

Could you give the key factors that underpin the successes of Asian Engineering College?

Asian Engineering College, established in 2064 BS, has earned popularity and recognition for its quality education within the short span of time. It has attained a tremendous success in the field of technical education. The first reason behind its successes is its efficient management. The second reason incorporates its dedicated, hardworking and trained teachers and staff. Similarly, the college has convinced, innovative and enthusiastic students. The parents are also cooperative and helpful. The collective efforts of these factors are underpin the successive steps of the college.

In your opinion, what are the things required for making engineering education a skill-enhancing education?

Qualified and trained teachers are the key point for making engineering education a skilled based program. This could be true only qualified teachers can transfer skills to their pupils. Similarly, there should be a provision of well-equipped laboratories for regular practical classes. Besides, students also should be enthusiastic and ready to acquire skilled-based education.

Students with low grades draw their attention towards technical education whereas students with high grades are still attracted for ten-plus-two education in Nepal. How effective is technical education in terms of its results?

Since academically mediocre students are obliged to pursue technical education; therefore, results seem to be less motivating. Due to this reason, teachers have to make more efforts in imparting education and producing outstanding results. We, therefore, still are not able to convey this very important message to parents and students that even students with appealing grades can also secure their rewarding careers in the field of technical education. Moreover, another reason is that a student after two years’ ten-plus-two program can take up a bachelor level program in the third academic year after the SEE. On the contrary, if a student attains his/her technical education qualification, such as diploma, they can go to bachelor level only after completing a three-year diploma program. Nevertheless, technical education prepares students to be self-dependent, confident in technical sectors after completing a three-year diploma program in vocational education. Now, overseers in Nepal are in high demand which can be proved by studying the vacancy of Public Service Commission for overseer.

How is the performance of your graduates on the basis of their job placement status?

We have been imparting quality education with an optimal focus on development of skills and efficiency. We give priority to field work and hands-on education. So, our products are skillful and confident. None of our graduates have been jobless. There is a huge demand of engineers and overseers inside and outside the country. In fact, there is dire need of architect engineers in our country. All these important factors bolster the importance of architect engineers in the market.

In your opinion, how should the government treat private technical educational institutions for the enhancement of quality of technical education?

The government should strengthen academic activities at its funded institutions that provide vocational and technical education. Similarly, the government should provide all-accepted policies to ensure appropriate environment to run private educational institutions. In addition, investors should get assurance of the security of their investment as well. If the government guarantees a secure environment for strengthening and blooming private technical educational institutions, the quality enhancement is likely to surge naturally. Similarly, if quality enhancement is ensured, it can control the draining out of students in search of quality education in foreign colleges and universities. The government should realize the need of appropriate environment that promotes quality of education with various options in the country, which eventually stops myriads students from going abroad in the name of quality education.

What message would you like to convey to SEE graduates?

Technical education is the need of today for a prosperous country. It makes an individual independent, confident, job-handy and self-dependent. So, I suggest all SEE graduates to visit technical educational institutions and decide on your enrollment. Asian Engineering College is eager to welcome you with a promise that it will provide you quality education in technical sector and prepare you to be self-dependent and skillful.


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