The country needs more technical workforce than haranguers

Bikash adkhari photo
Bikash adkhari

Bikas Adhikari
Koshi Health Institute, Biratnagar

Founded in 2054 BS, Koshi Health Institute is one of the leading health institutions in Biratnagar. It offers CMA, ANM, Lab Assistant, General Medicine (HA), and Diploma in Pharmacy, accredited by the CTEVT, and PBBN and BPH, affiliated to Purbanchal University.

Bikash Adhikari is the founder of Koshi Health Institute.The institute facilitates its learners with state-of-the-art infrastructure for capacious classrooms, library, laboratories, office and hostel. The prime aim of this institution is to prepare and dispatch mid-level and high-level human resources for a range of health practices. He shared his view on growing demand of health practitioners and technical workforce in the country and abroad. Excerpts:

What are the unique features of Koshi Health Institute?

Koshi Health Institute is not driven by a profit motive rather it is a fully service-oriented academic institution. The Institute has well-equipped laboratory equipped with cutting-edge apparatus required for a series of experiments and practical classes of basic sciences including clinical practices, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Parapsychology, Hematology, and Physio-pathology. In addition, bi-lateral agreements have also been made between the institution and some reputed hospitals. Morang Cooperative Hospital is the hospital of Koshi Health Institute.

As the world is moving with new challenges and unique demands, the rapid pace of globalization upsurges the demand of dedicated nurses, public health professionals, and other health care experts, who possess the required skills set and commitment, meeting international standards.

Moreover, Koshi Health Institution provides a learning environment, in which students learn both theoretically and practically. Through our extracurricular and co-curricular activities, it instills personal qualities, i.e. self reliance, self confidence, discipline, and leadership qualities, in its students and prepares them for forthcoming challenges.

Could you possibly highlight the notable contributions of Koshi Health Institute?

We are producing skilled human resources that have certificates and skills in their hands and confidence in their minds. We are able to stop the draining out of national currency by imparting quality education at local level at minimum fee structures. Our products are working at various organizations like NGOs, INGOs, government hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc. Some are handling their own business in health sector. Our graduates are showing sterling performance in global economy.

How are the CTEVT programs?

The CTEVT programs are excellent and life-enhancing. However, it should redeem its image as it is emasculating in the course of time, especially in terms of affiliation and enrollment procedures. Furthermore, it should focus on faculty development. Now, the CTEVT seems to be gearing up its pace to catch up the government’s pledge to allow access of technical education to people of every rural village of Nepal.  

Could you share with us the growing significance of technical education in Biratnagar?

Biratnagar is at the forefront vis-à-vis impartation of technical education. A range of course choices has been available in this lively city since the establishment of CTEVT. Moreover, the college is accessed by every pupil irrespective of their castes, ethnicity, status considerations and geographical anomalies. Basically, this swathe is annexed with Terai belts and mountainous regions; so all types of students feel convenient to come here for their regular classes.

What suggestion would you like to convey to the SEE graduates as the founder of Koshi Health Institute?

Even today there is a wrong notion that brainy students should not get enrolled for technical courses. Technical education is thought to be obtained only by under-performing students; therefore, so we are not able to attract intelligent, studious, and high graded students in this field. In fact, the students who receive even shot-term technical courses can immediately get a job and can escalate their economic status. So, I urge all SEE graduates that they should ensure affluent future by studying technical and vocational education. It is the need and demand of current time.

Koshi Health Institute is committed and dedicated to imparting quality education at very affordable cost. So, I would like to request SEE graduates to visit the college once before making a quick decision on enrollment in another college. And technical course can be the best option as it has many scopes and opportunities to work in the country and beyond.


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