Technical education opens multiple gateways to life-enhancing careers

Radha Acharya

Radha Acharya

Kantipur College of Medical Science, situated in Sitapaila Kathmandu, is one the leading health institutions, affiliated to CTEVT. It has been running Diploma in Pharmacy, Lab Technician and PCL-General Medicine (HA) at affordable fee structure.

Radha Acharya is the Academic Director at Kantipur College of Medical Sciences. She claims the college has had outstanding results since its inception. It is also providing proper guidelines to students who are searching for jobs and further studies. Excerpts:

What is the increasing demand in technical education in the recent days in Nepal?

Its demand is ever increasing; however, we are not able to convince the public about its importance. Health education is a life-changing education. It is directly connected with the public and public service. So, we should convince students and parents about the importance of health education in the context of Nepal. The government should invest in this sector in order to provide the access of health services to the public at local level. Similarly, if the government is not able to invest in this sector, it should cooperate with the private sector and encourage them to invest in health education sector.

Kantipur College of Medical Science has made major breakthroughs in medical science. What are the reasons behind its success?

Kantipur College of Medical Science is fully committed to ensuring academic excellence. During its glorious history the college has succeeded in establishing itself as a renowned Technical and Science College. It focuses on practical implementation of knowledge in real field. Besides, the college has been providing proper guidelines to students in searching jobs and recognizing as entrepreneurs. It has been preparing saleable technical human resources needed for the country and abroad. Similarly, it has been producing outstanding results since its establishment and its legacy has been kept incorrigibly till date.

The college has maintained a complete academic environment. It imparts quality education by maintaining purely academic culture and convincing environment to students. It brings out the underlined potentiality of young scholars and nurture good discipline in them which is a requisite to be an ideal citizen. It has adopted modern pedagogy in teaching and learning activities. Similarly, it organizes interaction programs and workshop for our students by inviting professional personalities of their respective vocations. The college has modern buildings with spacious and well-furnished classrooms as well as cutting-edge laboratories. Another equally important aspect of this college is its central location.

An embarrassing mindset is looming among SEE graduates that they should pursue ten-plus-two education after the SEE. In your opinion, which is more convincing between technical education under CTEVT and ten-plus-two education of NEB?

Both are equally important gateways to acquiring higher education. First of all, students themselves should decide whether they want to be highly skilled human resources or medium level human resources. Similarly, they should also determine whether they want to get a job immediately or want to spend a long time in studies. If any students want to spend their time, money and efforts in education for a long time, they should join ten-plus-two program. On the other hand, students of technical education can made a head start upon completing their three-year academic education after joining CTEVT affiliate courses.                                                

In fact, technical education enhances the life-style of an individual on one hand, and other the other hand, it enables an individual to seize employability after completing its three-year courses. The development and prosperity of the country also depends on availability of technical and skilled human resources in the country. The world’s developed countries have made tremendous progress due to the contributions of skilled and technical human resources. In my opinion, through the point of job landing sector and the prosperity of the country, technical education has become more promising than general education.

What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates?

Since technical education is a key driver to success, there is a high demand of technical human resources in the global market. The technical human resources can create jobs by themselves. They are prepared to be job creators rather than job seekers. So I would like to advise students to choose their future career by analyzing their inherent capacity, demand of the market and paying capacity of their parents. While choosing a right college, students should be conscious about the academic environment and the history of the college. They should choose such a college which can satisfy them by fulfilling their academic appetite and provide proper guidance for shaping their future career.


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