Technical courses supercharge country’s economy with skilled manpower

Bhuwan Joshi

Bhuwan Chakra Joshi
Secretary, Federation of Private Technical Schools

Bhuwan Chakra Joshi, the founder Principal at School of Technical Education, Peris Danda, Kathmandu is the Secretary of Federation of Private Technical Schools. Mr. Joshi is also the Finance Director at Himalaya School and College, Koteshwor and Executive Board Member at Nagarik Community Teaching Hospital.

Technical Education has become a very essential means for developing a country. A person with technical skills can get abundant opportunities in the workplace. In the country, about four hundred technical schools are available that offer T-SLC programs. He thinks that the government’s slogan for prosperity cannot be impossible without technical education. He shared his view on growing significance of technical and vocational education over increasing competition worldwide. Excerpts:

Could you give a brief account of Nagarik Community Teaching Hospital that offers health programs, affiliated to the CTEVT?

Nagrik community Teaching Hospital Ltd. (NCTH) commenced its first educational program with PCL Nursing from Kaushaltar in 2009 A.D.  Currently, it offers General Medicine (HA) and PCL Nursing, affiliated to CTEVT; B.Sc. as a bachelor program and Nursing and PBBN programs, affiliated to Purbanchal University.

Students are confident with their learning as they get adequate number of patients at hospital and are able to learn about different cases under the direct supervision of their tutors.

How do you acknowledge the contributions of private technical health institutions to the preparation of CMA, ANM, Lab Assistant, etc. in health sector?

Technical education is the underpinning pillar of the development of a nation. In foreign countries, technical education is given top priority but in our country, it is still strolling in limbo. Therefore, such appalling factors are causing dilatory pace for nation development efforts.

After the establishment of technical schools from private level, our country has achieved a tremendous progress in various technical fields, particularly in agriculture, health and engineering. As a result of the contributions of technical education from the private sectors, child mortality rate, maternity mortality rate and absolute poverty rate have dramatically decreased. Similarly, Nepal has achieved a tremendous success in the field of agriculture in comparison to the past. This is only possible because of T-SLC health programs. Therefore, the government should know the contributions of these programs.

As we all know doctors and nurses cannot reach every corner of remote areas of the country. Because of CMA, Lab Assistant and ANM products, rural people are still getting health services.

We have been producing medium level of technical human resources from various fields. Every year, we provide education to 1632 students in full scholarship. Similarly, we are providing job opportunities to 13,600 students, which is really a remarkable contribution to the country. Our graduates have showing tremendous efforts of success with true spirit of sincerity in various remote places of the country.

After a series of dialogues and talks with the government and stakeholders, the CTEVT has given a positive signal to run T-SLC health programs. How do you analyze this situation?

If the government is not positive for running T-SLC health programs this year, thousands of students would get deprived of getting education and they would be compelled to go to countries where they have to blow their toil. Students with a D or an E grade in the SEE are not allowed to enter into other courses except T-SLC programs. However, the final decision to run T-SLC health programs is positive.

How is the achievement of T-SLC pass out graduates?

Our CMA & ANM graduates have reached up to remote areas where doctors cannot go for the treatment. We are very happy that people of remote areas are getting treatment and health services from T-SLC health graduates.

Our graduates can be seen working at health posts or running their own health clinic or pharmacy to provide health service.

What would you like to suggest the SEE graduates?

Technical and vocational education is a globally demanded course. The human resources can be globally saleable and their skills are found globally acclaimed. It is a life-enhancing as well as job-creating education. Each individual can create a wealth of opportunities. If they do not embark on creating job opportunities, they can get a job easily. In other words, the technical and vocational education ensures each individual with life-changing career.

KCMS is always at forefront in preparing health practitioners

Ishworiya Lamichhane
Vice Principal
Kantipur College of Medical Sciences

Kantipur College of Medical Sciences— affiliated to CTEVT— is a purely technical and vocational institute, established with the view to provide hands-on education and to enable each leaner to be employed and self-employed. It has been imparting technical and vocational education for the past 16 years. Currently, the college offers an array of courses: Diploma in Pharmacy, Certificate in Medical Lab Technology (CMLT), and Health Assistant (HA), accredited by the CTEVT.

Kantipur College of Medical Sciences has been imparting quality education since its inception till date. The teachers are qualified, long experienced, dedicated and hardworking. It has efficient and visionary management team. In addition, the college primarily focuses on practical classes with the view to boost morale and to make each student equip with modern skills. Similarly, the graduates of this college have high demand in the market and they are easily employable as the college always shows outstanding results. Since its establishment, the legacy has been retained painstakingly. Every year, the college is enlisted in the top-ten schools on the basis of annual results. Moreover, job placement privileges make our students engage in different job sectors. Similarly, the college has state-of-the-art infrastructure that incorporates ultra-modern laboratories and capacious classrooms.

Furthermore, the college is showing its utmost efforts for quality enhancement and better performance of the pupils through practical classes. We are working diligently to bring equilibrium between knowledge and skills along with academic qualification. Similarly, our students maintain a good discipline as they are receiving a world-class education in an amicable environment and are always engaged in extra-curricular activities that help them expose their talents. Student exposure is given a high priority as it escalates their confidence to achieve greater things in their life.


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