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Rebati Singh

Kailpal Hospital & College, established in 2060 BS is the pioneer educational institution, established to provide quality education in health related professional courses. It has completed its sixteen years of journey of academic excellence. Currently, it offers General Medicine (HA), Diagnostic Radiography and Lab Technician affiliated to CTEVT, B.Sc. Microbiology.

Rebati Singh is the Director at Kailpal Hospital & College. Kailpal is producing skilled human resources that have certificates in their hands and skills and confidence on their minds. She believes that the college is able to stop the draining out of national currency somehow by providing quality education at local level with a minimum fee structure. Excerpts:

What are the distinct features of Kailpal Hospital & College that make it stand out from the crowd of its contemporaries?

It is the pioneer education institutions established to produce health related professionals in this region. The college has its own land and buildings with a sufficient number of classrooms and ultra-modern laboratories. Similarly, the college conducts extra-curricular activities and awareness campaign as well as community service with the view to make our products responsible for social responsibility. We organize blood donation camps on the 16th of Magh as a social responsibility. Our products are highly demandable in the global market as a result they are highly employable. In addition, the team of teachers is qualified, experienced and dedicated. Similarly, our management team is efficient, visionary and guided by the sense of social responsibility.

How is the performance of your graduates in the global market?

Technical education is a job-handy education. We therefore have been producing skilled and qualified health related professionals. There is a high demand of our products in the market and our products have held the leading role in government and non-government organizations. Furthermore, they have shown jaw-dropping performance in public health sector, particularly in health post, NGOs and INGOs. Some of our products are working in our institutions as teachers.

What problems have the CTEVT affiliated colleges been experiencing during this long academic journey?

Technical educational institutions are providing service to the community. The role of technical human resource is significant in the development of the country. But, the government has not acknowledged the role of private-funded technical institutions instead it has made compulsion for renewal of the institution every year which has discouraged the investors to run their institutions smoothly.

How do you acknowledge the contributions of T-SLC program that has played a significant role in producing middle level human resources in health sector?

In the context of Nepal, junior level technical human resources produced by TSLC program have played a significant role in serving at local level. So, phasing out this program is unfortunate for Nepalese people and for the prosperity of the nation. The health related professionals are serving in rural areas. So, before phasing out the TSLC program the government should deploy high level health related human resources in rural areas. Until the government is able to manage MBBS doctors in a sufficient number at local level, it will be unfortunate to phase out the course.

In your experience, what areas are to be improved by the management team of an institution?

In fact, private institutions are established with a profit motive and work for earning profit. No institutions can run for long time in loss. In spite of this, we should understand that there is social responsibility even for an investor as a citizen. So, we should be committed to imparting quality education and social responsibilities. Bheri Nursing College, College of Allied and Madhya Paschim Prabidhik Shikshyalaya, which are running under our management, are fully committed to fulfilling their social responsibilities and quality education.

What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates who are in search of technical courses?

Technical education is a life-changing education that makes an individual skilled and confident in their related field. They can earn for their livelihood and can live a happy life. Kaipal Academy for Health Science, Bheri Nursing College, College of Allied and Mid-Western Technical Institute have been imparting quality education in health related programs as well as civil engineering program. So, I advise students to visit the college and ensure their award-winning career.


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