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sudarshan Basnet

Sudarshan Basnet
School of Medical Science

School of Medicine Sciences (SMS), affiliated to CTEVT, has been involved in providing basic health education since 2004 AD. The school offers an array of courses, such as Diploma in Pharmacy, Certificate Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT), T-SLC Program (Lab Assistant).

Sudarshan Basnet is the Principal at the School of Medicine. A phrase ‘Morning Shows the Day’ is always true for SMS as it has shown an untiring success in CTEVT results from the beginning and still it occupies its stratospheric rank each year continuously. During its long academic journey, it has produced a large number of qualified human resources required for the health sector in Nepal. Excerpts:

What are the distinct features of School of Medical Sciences?

Quality and practice-based health education is its distinct features. We never compromise on quality of our education since presentation, field work and community service are given optimal priorities along with theoretical knowledge. The college encourages its students to participate in community service by utilizing their earned knowledge and skill. In addition, it has an adequate physical infrastructure with spacious classrooms and cutting-edge laboratories. The teachers are qualified, dedicated and hardworking. We give priority to field work and practical classes. So, our products are skilled and confident. And none of our graduates are jobless till date. There is a huge demand of Diploma in Pharmacy, Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT) and TSLC level Lab assistant in the present context of Nepal. We are committed to producing dedicated and inquisitive scholars who are eager to serve the community and the nation.

How is the demand of Diploma in Pharmacy and Lab Assistant in the present context of Nepal?

The government has made compulsion for acquiring a license in order to run a pharmacy or medical clinic. After completing three years’ academic course and passing the license exam of the council, one can establish a medical clinic or pharmacy and can be self-employed. Similarly, after completing three months’ course, students who have completed their 18 months’ course, are eligible to acquire ten-plus-two level education equivalency and can pursue a higher course. Even, CMLT graduate gets a privilege to embark on higher study as well as job landing sector. Since it has a huge scope of entrepreneurship as well as a high demand for job seeker, its charm is increasing in the course of time.

In your opinion, what is the significance of technical and vocational education? Why should students study technical and vocational education after the SEE?

General education, at the present context, is the fountainhead of producing unemployed educated people. It is very hard for them to get a job or create sector of employment based on their knowledge. But technical and vocational education is job handy education. The student will get certificates along with skills and confidence. Their importance is very high in job landing sector. Moreover, they can also become an entrepreneur and can employ other people, too. So, with the view to get employment and generate employment opportunities for others and enhance economic prosperity of students, technical education plays a crucial role.

What suggestion would you like to give SEE graduates who are in dilemma because of many choices for subjects and colleges?

Technical education is the need of present situation. It makes students be self-dependent and entrepreneurs. So, I suggest that students should choose technical and vocational education to be independent to enhance their economic prosperity in the future. Similarly, students should choose such a college which can satisfy their need and provide proper skills, efficiency and guidelines. School of Medical Science is such a destination that opens multiple gateways to job and career opportunities, which is backed by strict discipline and homely care. In addition, the school has earned the trust-worthy legacy in the field of quality education. We are fully- committed to imparting quality education. So, I advise students to pay a visit to our institution to acquire information about all-possible career opportunities.


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