Nightingale provides students choices between ten-plus-two and technical education

Ranjana Pradhan

Ranjana Pradhan

Nightingale School/College is a well-recognized institution for academic excellence. The school has been awarded various prestigious national prizes for two times for topping the board. It has produced 100% results in ten-plus-two programs and has earned the trust from the parents for its quality education. The college is also running Nursing program, accredited by the CTEVT, which is qualitative and exceptional.

Ranjana Pradhan is the Principal at Nightingale School which runs ten-plus-two programs. Her priority to individual care of students for overall development by providing all the necessary facilities is the outcome of quality delivery. Excerpts:

Could you give a brief introduction to Nightingale School/ College?

Nightingale School/College is widely acclaimed for quality education. It aims to build skills and promote willingness and enthusiasm for learning in students. It has convenient and modern buildings with spacious classrooms, well-stocked library, science laboratories, a meeting room and an office and administration wing. The college gives equal focus to both curricular and extra-curricular activities. It also facilitates students with basketball court, hygienic cafeteria and many other amenities. In addition, it organizes a range of inter- and intra-school competitions to enable learners to expose their talents among their contemporaries. Another beauty of this college is its regular and strict curricular activities. The college runs its class for a maximum of 190 days, and in school wing, it runs classes for a minimum of 220 days. The teachers are qualified, experienced and hardworking. The management is efficient and visionary. The college has accomplished a good performance in results and in extra-curricular activities. Similarly, the college has maintained good coordination and partnership relation with parents by organizing interaction programs regularly.

What are the distinct features of Nursing program at Nightingale?

Nightingale has been imparting quality education in Nursing program. It operates practical classes regularly in order to enhance the empirical skills and confidence of students. The college has managed to conduct practical classes at various reputed hospitals, such as Kanti Children’s Hospital, Bir Hospital, Prasuti Griha, Eye Hospital and Mental Hospital. In addition, it has managed to recruit experienced and dedicated teaching faculty. The products of Nightingale have earned a fortune in the country and beyond.

In the recent times, how is the attraction of Nursing education among SEE graduates in Nepal?

The Nursing education has high attraction in the context of Nepal. But in the recent days, Nursing education has become costlier and in the same token, nurses are paid low salaries in Nepal. Due to such an imbalance between investment and earning, most nurses tend to leave the country as they are getting good opportunities in foreign lands. The trend of leaving the country for further studies and for seeking jobs has been increased dramatically in the recent days.

You offer both ten-plus-two program and Nursing education affiliated to NEB and CTEVT respectively. What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates who are in search of a right college for further studies?

In real speaking, I would prefer ten-plus-two education. It is the foundation of higher education and there are many options to go to technical field after completing this level. It also opens multiple gateways for MBBS, Engineering, Chartered Accountancy and so on. People, who want to get an immediate job by investing a little amount of money and short period of time, they’d better embark on CTEVT courses; however, students who aim high for their future and are likely to become highly qualified human resources in such socially acclaimed professions, such as engineers, doctors, CA etc, they’d better get enrolled in a ten-plus-two college?

What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates that they should choose a right college?

The students should choose such a college which individually cares and guides students. Nightingale College is such a destination for quality education where individual care and regular study has been maintained well. It has maintained a strict discipline and given homely care to students so that they feel comfortable and secure while studying. So, I suggest that students pay a visit to Nightingale College for science, management and nursing education. We run only five sections in Science faculty and five sections in Management including and 40 students for nursing program. Each section comprises 40 students. So, we can pay close attention on each individual student.


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