Government requires more lab technicians to diminish false-report death toll

Tapeshwor Yadav

Tapeshwar Yadav

Green Tara College of Health Science is a well-established and well-recognized technical educational institute which is affiliated to CTEVT. The institution has been imparting globally acclaimed vocational and technical education since its establishment. It offers courses of PCL Nursing, General Medicine and CMLT.

Tapeshwar Yadav, coordinator at Green Tara College of Health Science, is always dedicated and committed to the assurance of appealing performance of the institution through student participation. In the past, there was a trend of pursuing the courses of HA and Nursing in health sciences; and lab technician course was not a priority of SEE graduates. But when Mr. Yadav joined this institution and commenced his professional career in teaching, he made breakthroughs in health sector. He changed the mindset of SEE graduates who would neglect CMLT (Lab Technician). In the recent times, the charm of lab technician course is increasing significantly as CMLT graduates are easily employed in medical sector in the country and beyond. He shared that the college has made a provision of job placement too for the course graduates. Excerpts:

How is the career of students after attaining lab technician course graduation?

I am a BMLT graduate, too. In 2008 AD, I came to Nepal and started a job in my field for three months as I wasn’t impressed with my job which resulted in leaving the country for a different course. At the end, I attained a master degree qualification in a foreign land and returned to Nepal. Since then I have found a wealth of opportunities in this sector. In fact, unless a disease is not diagnosed it’s not possible to treat the patient. Therefore, lab technicians have a significant role in helping doctors in diagnosing a disease by providing the actual report of patients through laboratory test. Then only, the doctors can provide proper treatment to the patient. So, lab technician education has an important role in finding out the disease of the patient. In the recent days, the government has realized the need and importance of lab technicians whose role is higher and more commendable in disease diagnosis process. So, it has prepared five guidelines for the test. There is an important role of a laboratory and a lab technician in the process of diagnosis of the patient. The doctor provides treatment to patients on the basis of reports of lab technicians. Currently, the salary and remuneration of lab technician is attractive in government hospitals, and more importantly, there is a high demand of lab technicians inside and outside the country. Therefore, the future of lab technicians is award-winning and secure in Nepal and abroad.

It frequently comes to the public through various sources that a wrong treatment is given to patients due to a wrong report prepared by lab technicians in Nepal; as a result, the patients’ survival is not possible. What are the possible ways to solve this widespread issue?

It can be controlled by maintaining quality control method in the laboratory which enables health practitioners and doctors to figure out the phase where mistakes are likely to be made by lab technicians. However, still there are some challenges looming over lab tests in Nepal. For an instance, if any minor mistakes occur in the process of lab test, the health of the patient is at great risk.

What are the distinct features of Green Tara College of Health Sciences?

Green Tara College has been imparting education to students of various parts of the country. Mostly, students from Humla, Jumla and rural areas of Terai, Hilly and Himalayan regions get enrolled in this college for qualitative education in health sciences since such courses have developed good culture, positive attitude and skills in students. It also conducts a series of practical classes and training for students. Moreover, internship privileges at reputed hospitals are very common at Green Tara. It has also been successful in showing outstanding results since its establishment. Therefore, our graduates are highly demandable for immediate employment.

What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates?

First of all, I would like to congratulate all SEE graduates for their outstanding performance. I would also like to inform them that vocational education is a pathway to independence and self-reliance which eventually makes them happy and successful. The government provides scholarships to students who have studied in government schools and to students from marginalized groups and from rural areas. So, I suggest they should acquire all information from the CTEVT for scholarships and grab the opportunity to secure their future.


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