DAV incorporates learners from diverse socio-economic cultures

Dilip Gupta

Dilip Gupta

Having commenced a bread-winning career in 2058 BS, Dilip Gupta, a graduate of MBS and MA in Sociology, is Manager at DAV School, a reputed school in Province 2. He is also a lecturer at British College.

DAV School-Birgunj, associated with Kedia Group, is a leading school that is committed to quality enhancement. Currently, it offers ten-plus-two program in Science and Management at an affordable fee. Mr. Gupta shares his exciting ideas about running an institution with far-sighted vision with College Readers. Excerpts:

Could you tell us the distinct features of DAV School?

DAV School was established under the Trust Act. It is fully service-motive academic institutions. The college provides quality education to students from low economic background, orphans and marginalized community. It is fully guided by the motive of providing service to needy students who are deprived of acquiring quality education due to economic problems. The college emphasizes on exposure of students to global scenario, extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities of students. Particularly, it emphasizes on developing skill and knowledge by students by exploring their hidden talents in order to ensure successful careers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

What methodology has DAV applied to the enhancement of quality education?

DAV has been adopting modern methodology in teaching exciting pedagogies. It fully uses modern tools and techniques. In addition, it accommodates CBSE courses. The college also focuses on participatory methods of teaching in order to develop skills of modern learning in students.

How have you managed to recruit skilled human resources for imparting quality education?

DAV never compromises on quality while imparting education. So, we have managed to recruit qualified, experienced, dedicated and hardworking faculty of teachers who have more than 20 years’ experience in teaching. In this regard, such a prodigious team of teachers bestows on students their learned expertise.

Do you get support and positive feedback from your students, parents and community people?

DAV School has earned its recognition in the field of quality education. It has also earned trust and cooperation from the parents and the community members. The school organizes teacher-parent meeting in a timely manner for making teaching and learning activities more effective and trust-worthy.

How is the performance of your graduates in the global market?

DAV has been imparting quality education since its inception and the legacy has been kept on the stratosphere till date. So, its examinations results are always outstanding.It has become successful in producing outstanding results since its establishment till the date. Our students have accomplished their outstanding results and better performances in both their job landing sector and higher studies. Moreover, our graduates have embraced phenomenal opportunities in medical, engineering, forestry, and other various fields of national life. They have also demonstrated their outstanding performances in the international market.

How do you acknowledge your own leadership quality that has brought about remarkable reforms in this institution?

I believe in team spirit; as a result, most of our activities are based on consensus from the team members. After taking up the leadership, I have maintained completely English speaking environment. Similarly, we have focused on student exposure giving priority to school’s extracurricular activities, such as games, sports, music, dance, oratory, public speaking etc. in reality, our entire team focuses on holistic development of students. In addition, our institution has followed a safety measure of students that no one except their parents can take their students home before the school ends.

Could you bring your plans on the limelight so that your students, parents as well as prospective students get galvanized?

We are working with true spirit of sincerity to upgrade this school to the world rank in the future. Similarly, we are planning to develop this college into an inclusive learning center for students with various socio-cultural and economic backgrounds.

What message would you like to covey to the readers of College Readers?

First of all, I would like to express my heartiest thanks to the College Readers and its team for taking initiatives in covering our voices through a reputed magazine. Similarly, I am in favor of imparting quality education with the view to upgrade the nation from a developing country to a developed one. We can infer that all the developed countries in the world have met their progress and prosperity due to the development of education. So, I convey my message to both government and private sector that they should work collectively for developing the standard of education in Nepal for transformational efficacy as a developed country.


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