Wide network of Stupa has helped both learners and health beneficiaries


Dr. Ganesh Yonjan

Nepal Institute of Health Sciences, which runs under Stupa Health Care Center Cooperative Ltd., is the pioneer health institution established with the concept of Cooperative. It has proved itself to be the foundational pillar of college, hospital and research center. The aim of Nepal Institute of Health Sciences is to train and develop medium and higher level nursing and public health professionals with their full exposure to global setting.

During its 17 years’ of journey, it has been running seven different academic programs: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing), and Bachelor in Public Health (BPH), affiliated to Purbanchal University and General Medicine (HA), Diploma in Pharmacy, PCL Nursing (Staff Nurse) and Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT), affiliated to CTEVT.

The newly elected chairperson of Nepal Institute of Health Sciences, Dr. Ganesh Yonjan, who is the former Ambassador to Japan, is intending to upgrade the hospital and academic programs of the institution. Excerpts:

What are the distinct features of Nepal Institute of Health Sciences?

Nepal Institute of Health Sciences was established with collective efforts of community members under the concept of Cooperative Ltd. It has around 600 members working together as share holders. It works exhaustively in producing medium level health related dynamic and qualified professionals at an affordable fee structure. In fact, it is the pioneer health institution administered by a prodigious team. The group operates hospitals as well as many academic institutions under the same management, which incorporates efficient and visionary management as well as qualified, dedicated and hardworking teaching faculty. The institution provides all sorts of physical services and amenities. It focuses on practical classes and research-oriented education as well as motivates students to participate in community service. Our products are guided by service motive attitude and prefer working in the community.

How do you acknowledge the performance of your products in the global market?

The institution is the pioneer and top-notch center for health education which has been contributing immensely to the preparation of health professionals with full exposure in the health sector. It focuses on enhancing attitudinal skills and professional confidence of students. Our products are competent, self-reliant, responsible citizens and contributing members of the society who can deliver quality health care services as per the need of the country. They have shown their outstanding performance in job landing sector as well as entrepreneurship. The demand of our products is increasing significantly not only in the country but also in foreign lands. Many of them have been involved in teaching sector too inside and outside the country. They are successfully delivering exceptional education as teachers and professors in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and many other countries. Similarly, they have embraced leading positions in policy making level of Nepal as well.

At present, there are two options for SEE graduates in relation to higher studies: ten-plus-two program and technical education of CTEVT. In your opinion, why should students study health course as a technical course?

It is not compulsion for all students to seek their career in health sector. However, they should choose their subject by analyzing their inherent interest and capacity as well as the economic capacity of their parents. The students who wish to build their career through health sector can choose any health related programs as per their interest. The health related professionals have globally demandable if they have skills, efficiency, good attitude, discipline and globally adjustable capacity. Similarly, if they have adjustment capacity in society, they can earn their popularity and support from the community people and can make their profession interesting and widely supported.

You have been appointed the chairperson by 600 shareholders due to your capacity to handle the institution. You may have some plans for strengthening and extending the programs and service of this institution. What specific plans do you have for the enhancement of your academic programs?

Currently, we have three wings under the same management. As an academic wing, we are running Nepal Institute of Health Sciences. Similarly, we are running a 55-bedded Stupa Community Hospital as hospital wing and another wing is research and international relation section. The academic institution runs seven programs, including  the programs of CTEVT and Purbanchal University. Similarly, it provides service to the community people through the Stupa Community Hospital with low service charge. In addition, it has organized various interaction programs, workshops, seminars and research orientation sessions in the country and beyond. It has been conducting research in joint venture with the like-minded international organizations.

Although we provide a wide range of services to people and an array of course choices to numerous students, we are still unsatisfied with our programs and service orientation. So, we are planning to extend the service and capacity of the institution with the team’s joint efforts. In addition, we are also intending to upgrade the hospital from 55-bedded to 200-bedded.  For this purpose, we are constructing buildings at Chuchchepati and preparing all the required pre-requisites to run the hospital smoothly. Similarly, our target encompasses our ambitious plan to upgrade our academic program up to master’s level and update other programs according to the demand of the market.

What facilities will the students get while studying at your institution?

We will provide quality education at a nominal fee structure in comparison with our contemporaries. We are flexible enough to provide our students a wealth of education opportunities. Similarly, we are always together with students to solve their problems and to help them in emergency. If our students get sick, we will provide health services in our own hospital. Our main aim of running institutions is to provide service with true spirit of sincerity. So, we are generous enough to provide service to needy students.

What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates while choosing a college and subject for their secure future?

Students should not choose a college and subject under the influence or emotion of their peer group rather they should choose a right college by visiting and studying the background and its academic environment. Subsequently, they should choose the subject by analyzing their inherent capacity and interest as well as paying capacity of their parents. If they choose the college and the subject standing on their ground reality, they should not drop their study in halfway of its tenure. So, they should get an idea from their seniors and the former students of the college where they want to get their enrollment sot that they could be sure about their career in prior.


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