Technical education is essential for social transformation

Maikulal Balmiki
Maikulal Balmiki

Maikulal Balmiki

Maikulal Balmiki, a dedicated political leader of Nepali Congress, had been a member of Constituent Assembly in 2070 BS. This could be true both politics and education are integral parts of social service but the perspectives are different. So, he is working on promoting and developing technical education in Nepal. He opines that technical education is essential for social transformation. Realizing the essence of technical education, he established Nepalgunj Health Campus that he is leading as Managing Director. The college offers Diploma in Pharmacy, PCL Lab Technician and Lab Assistant.

In his view, there is a dire shortage of human resources completing ‘Diploma in Pharmacy’ in rural areas of Nepal. So, producing and supplying such human resources is the responsibility of not only government but also all colleges.

In his view, there is a dire shortage of human resources completing ‘Diploma in Pharmacy’ in rural areas of Nepal. So, producing and supplying such human resources is the responsibility of not only government but also all colleges.

On one hand government has adopted the policy of enhancing technical education, and on the other hand, it is planning to obliterate TSLC program. In your view, what will be its impacts on technical education in Nepal?

Effective manifestation of the policy of government is not easy. The government has to invest a huge budget and prepare pre-requisites for providing technical education to about 70% of total students enrolled in its funded institutions. Similarly, TSLC is the foundation pillar of technical education. So, phasing out TSLC immediately won’t be beneficial for Nepalese people. Therefore, the government should understand that without developing technical human resources, particularly in health sector, it is not possible for smooth development of Nepal. Even in the country today, there is no uniformity in diagnostic part and report is found different for the same case in different laboratories. It is due to the lack of quality control. So the government should intensify its effective quality control inspection. In my opinion, the federal government should handover the responsibility of health and education sectors to the provincial government.

In your view, is it possible to dismiss TSLC without further planning?

TSLC graduates are providing services to the grassroots level of people in remote areas in Nepal. Particularly, in health sector, junior level health workers are providing health services in hilly and mountainous areas. So, TSLC program was an urgent need of the country in the past, it is equally needed in the present context, too. So, it is not good to obliterate TSLC immediately rather it should be developed as a professional and skill-based course. I want to convey the message through your paper that there is urgent need of technical university to produce highly skilled human resources required for the country, particularly in health sector.

What CTEVT and promoters of private colleges should consider brining positive reforms in health sector?

It should be understood that CTEVT and technical institutions run by private sector are the two sides of the same coin. So, both should treat each other as a co-partner and should behave each other as an integral part of mission of the government. Private sector has been making invaluable contributions to technical education. Therefore, the CTEVT and the government should appreciate the contributions of private sector.

Could you tell us what contributions has Nepalgunj Health College made to health sector in Nepal?

Nepalgunj Health College has been contributing a lot in promoting and strengthening technical education in Nepal. It has provided scholarships worth 10 million rupees. And needy students are also getting scholarships, which do not come under CTEVE scholarship quota. Similarly, it has so far produced thousands of technical and skilled human resources till date.

What are the unique features of Nepalgunj Health Campus?

Nepalgunj Health Campus stands strong both in physical infrastructure and academic team for quality education. It has been strictly following the course prescribed by the CTEVT. Besides this, it offers extra classes at free of cost to upgrade the standard of students. Another equally important feature of this college is that it focuses on practical orientation of learning.

nepaljung health campus
nepaljung health campus

What suggestions would you like to give SEE students and their parents/guardians?

Students and parents are suggested to pay a visit to Nepalgunj Health College directly and get information. In my experience, most parents and students are manipulated in the name of bridge course or consultancy. So, I request that they should get information by visiting the institution itself and going through the citizen charter and pay the course fee via bank. Technical education is the urgent need of today since it is skill-based education. I, therefore, suggest them to pursue technical education for numerous opportunities in the future.


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