Sumeru group is preparing health practitioners to fulfill its social responsibilities


Bharat Maharjan
Sumeru Group of Organization

Sumeru Group is a multi-dimensional group in which 17 different institutions have been registered. It has a decade long history in providing Financial, Trading, Housing, Printing, Money Exchange, Remittance and Medical services.

Among them, some are already functioning in a full-fledge way and some are still waiting for a right time. Sumeru City Hospital, Sumeru Hospital, Sumeru Kidney Hospital, Asian College of Advance Studies, etc have been successfully running their programs under this group.

Asian College of Advanced Studies is running PCL-Medical Lab Technology (CMLT), Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) and Diploma in Radiography, affiliated to CTEVT and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Bachelor in Public Health (BPH), Post-Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBN) and Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharm) affiliated to Purbanchal University.

Bharat Maharjan is the Chairman at Sumeru Group. This group has been providing employment opportunities around twelve to fifteen hundred people. He is planning to make Asian College of Advanced Studies a promising centre for academic excellence in health education. Excerpts:

How did you get inspired to embark on health sector?

I was fired by the feeling of social service and established a hospital. We have also established kidney Transplant Center that has been providing service to local communities at government rate. In addition, we provide service of kidney transplant only at NPR 400000.00 which is as similar amount as of Bir Hospital, Kathmandu. So, the feeling of social service inspired me to contribute fully to this sector.

You have been providing Kidney transplant service at cheaper rate than that of government. What are your further plans in serving the society?

We are intending to upgrade Sumeru Hospital to Sumeru Medical College. For this, we have prepared all the infrastructure and pre-requisites for running a medical college. But, due to various reasons, we could not get affiliation. The hunger strike of Dr. Govinda KC shattered our dream of getting an affiliation, we are not going to give up, though.

You have been running Purbanchal University and CTEVT affiliated programs at Asian College for Advance Studies. What have you done for quality enhancement?

We never compromise on quality. For the enhancement of quality, we have prepared all the foundation for running technical and vocational education institutions. We have our own hospital in cutting-edge physical infrastructure along with laboratories, library and practical classes. We’ve also managed to recruit highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty which contributes to quality enhancement.

What are the distinct features of Asian College for Advanced Studies?

One of our distinct features incorporates quality service in cheaper rate. It is rich in terms of both physical infrastructure and availability of skilled human resources. In addition, we use modern tools, equipment and technology for our regular teaching and practical classes. Similarly, the results and performance of our students are outstanding. It has maintained good discipline and quality. Similarly, it has focused on holistic development of our students and conducts extra-curricular activities.

We are proud that our first objective is to ensure student-experience that is second to none. Due to available indicators of teaching, student satisfaction and research place, Asian College is in the highest echelon of Purbanchal University. Equally, we are highly regarded for our excellence in research and innovations.

You have been involved in health sector for a long time. How is the demand of health sector at present in Nepal and what are the challenges?

Health sector is directly related to the public. Its role is significant in maintaining healthy society and producing healthy citizens. Sumeru Group has been giving various services of health sector which is praiseworthy for social service. Still, there are some problems seen in health sector. Most health colleges have not maintained the required criteria and do not give emphasis on practical classes due to lack of their own hospital and adequate infrastructure. Similarly, the policy of the government has also created problems in smooth running of health institutions from private level.

It is heard that there is no scope of nursing education in Nepal and the student are compelled to go overseas for employment. What is your opinion regarding this issue and what could be its possible solution?

Not only the youth of nursing sector also all types of human resources are leaving the country in pursuit of appealing lifestyle and opportunities in foreign lands. Not only this, even ten-plus-two graduates tend to leave the country upon acquiring their qualifications.  It is due to lack of suitable environment inside the country for their secure future. In such a case, the government should bring appropriate programs and policies and encourage them to contribute their time and talents to the development of the nation. The government should create appropriate environment for this. In our case, we are committed to providing job service to twenty thousand nurses with minimum of NPR 20000.00 as a monthly salary.

What do you want to say at last?

I suggest that SEE graduates choose the subject of their own interest and capacity. Technical education is a job-handy education. So, they’d better study technical education in order to seize a wealth of employment opportunities.


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