Mayadevi: The First College to Offer Nursing Course in Western Swathes of Nepal

Chiranjibi joshi
Chiranjibi joshi

Chiranjibi Joshi
Managing Director
Mayadevi Technical College, Butwal

Mayadevi Technical College, a private-funded institution, was established in 2056 B.S. It is the oldest college in the western region of Nepal that offers nursing education along with other health courses. The college offers PCL Nursing, Diploma in Pharmacy, General Medicine (HA) and Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT), affiliated to CTEVT and Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBBN), accredited by Purbanchal University.

Chiranjibi Joshi is the Managing Director at Mayadevi Technical College. The college is committed to producing competent middle level health manpower equipped with exuberant potentialities. Mr. Joshi shared his view with College Readers on importance of health education for a salubrious Nepal. Excerpts:

Chiranjibi Joshi is the Managing Director at Mayadevi Technical College. The college is committed to producing competent middle level health manpower equipped with exuberant potentialities. Mr. Joshi shared his view with College Readers on importance of health education for a salubrious Nepal. Excerpts:

What inspired you to embark on technical health education?

I had been inclined to health sector from earlier times after I studied pharmacy. As a pharmacist, I had established a pharmacy. In this context, I met Maheshwor Shrestha who was working in district health office. At that time, the government was running short-term skill training in health sector. The government had adopted a policy of upgrading such institutions by developing new curricula through CTEVT. We applied to run a nursing college and the cabinet approved 29 colleges to conduct CTEVT programs. And I feel we were fortunate enough to get an affiliation from the Nepal Government to run a nursing college.

Could you highlight the distinct features of Mayadevi Technical College?

It is the oldest college to offer health programs in the western region in association with the CTEVT. It is run by a small team. The institution provides health education that prepares qualified medium level human resources. It has own modern buildings that incorporate spacious classrooms. It has ultra-modern laboratories, well-furnished classrooms and provides supplementary facilities to students in order to strengthen their practical skills. As a result, the institution has earned trust of parents and community people for quality education impartation. In addition, the teachers are highly qualified, experienced and hardworking. Most of our graduates are working in rural areas and in geographically wrenched areas where they are giving their best services to beneficiaries.

Could you give an analysis on the past and present status of nursing education in Nepal?

Nursing education is a highly demanded course. It had equal attraction among the students in the past in comparison with the present scenario. Our college has been imparting quality and practical-based education since its inception. So, the attraction of students in nursing education is increasing significantly.                                                                                                                        

You have had a long experience of running CTEVT affiliate programs. Which areas, do you think, should the CTEVT improve for its better performance?

CTEVT has made significant contributions to the sector of technical and vocational education. It has been producing medium level technical human resources that fulfill the need of the country. Similarly, it provides vocational training with the aim to make people self-dependent and autonomous in their vocations. Despite these strengths, the CTEVT ought to make some reformation in order to escalate its fame and fortune, which include: reformation in the examination system, update of the curricula based on changed time and scenario and consideration in fee structure by analyzing global market.

Then what are the things that should be improved by a college owner?

College owners should fulfill the criteria to run their colleges as per the frameworks of the CTEVT. In such a condition, they should not be driven by profit motives and should take their social responsibilities easily.

What is your view regarding Social Security Fund? Will it be acceptable for all colleges across the country?

The provision of Social Security is an appreciable effort of the government, but technical colleges will be unable to retain such burden at present fee structure. Therefore, the government should determine the new fee structure by analyzing the inflammation in the global market. Our college has already implemented Citizen Investment Fund for our teachers.                                                                                                                     

What suggestions would you like to give SEE graduates and their parents?

Technical education is a life-enhancing education which has sterling demand in Nepal and abroad. Maya Devi Technical College has been providing market demanded courses of CTEVT and Purbanchal University. It also offers hostel facility and ensures security of students. So, I request all they visit our college before they embark on enrollment in other institutions.

ICH: An ideal learning center for health education

maiya devi college

Llita Nanda Joshi
Institute of Community Health (ICH), Mahendranagar

Institute of Community Health (ICH), located in Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur, is affiliated to the Council for Technical and Vocational Training (CTEVT). It is recognized by Nepal Nursing Council and Nepal Health Professional Council.

ICH has been established with the aim of producing middle level health practitioners. Its main mission is to increase health quality of rural people by giving primary health services and medical facilities from its products. It offers 18-month course in CMA and ANM-TSLC programs for 40 seats each year respectively. ICH provides health programs with moderate fee structures. It also offers a scholarship scheme for the diligent and poor students of the society. ICH, Mahendranagar, provides Counseling, Library, Sports, Laboratory, Conference, Educational Tours, Multimedia, Journal, Health Care and Scholarship facilities to its enrollees.

The demand of CMA and ANM is still in remote areas of Nepal where doctors do not want to stay. CMA and ANM are providing health services there. In my opinion these programs should not be phased out immediately. It can take about ten years to reach the access of doctors and nurses to geographically wrenched places.

Our graduates (CMA and ANM) have spread all over Nepal. Some are working in NGOs and INGOs, government health sectors, hospitals, nursing homes, clinic, etc. Some are running their own health clinics and pharmacy.

Institute of Community Health is well-established health institution with appealing infrastructures. We have a faculty of competent and prodigious teachers. We have good connection with hospitals where our students are provided with facilities for internship/OJT/medical practice.

CMA and ANM courses are better ones for those students who want to build their careers in the health sector and can get employment or self-employment for just studying for 18 months. So, I would like to request all SEE graduates to visit our institution for enrollment in CMA and ANM courses.


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