KIT has ignited the spark of technical education in Nepal


Sunil Chalise

Kathmandu Institute of Technology (KIT) is one of the leading technical institutions, established with an objective to prepare semi-skilled human resources that would play a pivotal role to escalate the socio-economic aspect of the nation. It has been running three-year engineering programs of diploma in Civil, Architecture, Electrical, Computer and Electronics.

Sunil Chalise is the Director at Kathmandu Institute of Technology (KIT) and General Secretary at Forum for Health and Technical Sciences. He shared his view on growing demand of technical education in Nepal. Excerpts:

What problems are looming over CTEVT affiliated technical schools?

The implementation of federalism has become a curse for CTEVT as confusion looms over taking responsibility of conducting exams and renewing the affiliation of the CTEVT affiliated college. Before federalism came into existence, the CTEVT had sole right in conducting exams and renewing the affiliation, in post-federalism scenario CTEVT has extended its offices in all provinces. So, a dilemma has emerged as who is going to conduct the CTEVT exams and renew the affiliation— central or provincial body.

It is rumored that an education bill which is under discussion unreasonably discriminates private educational institutions. What is your opinion regarding this issue?

The bill has created insurmountable confusion among private institutions. It has made a crucial provision about giving approval by CTEVT, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security and Ministry for Education. Education programs are run under the Ministry of Education, but the bill has made the provision of getting approval from the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. In fact, technical and vocational education institutions are under the grip of CTEVT. In such a case, one government body allows to run an institution, but another obstructs the administrative work which is really confusing and chaotic. It is unproductive for the private-funded institutions that offer technical and vocational education.

KIT College has made a tremendous success in spite of lots of confusion created by government’s discriminatory policy. What are the reasons behind the success?

KIT was established in 2057 BS in a rented building. We have untiringly and collectively made efforts in promoting and strengthening its status quo. Moreover, we have got good cooperation from the parents as well. Our management team is efficient and visionary. Similarly, our teachers are qualified, experienced and dedicated who have nurtured team spirit between the teaching faculty and the management. Similarly, there is a kind of cooperation between the students and the parents. In my opinion, these characteristics strengthen the successful steps of KIT.

What are the distinct features of KIT College?

KIT College provides quality education with individual care. We prepare profile of individual students and provide them apropos counseling and guidance. Similarly, we have focused on practical field and have made the compulsory provision for internship in reputed institutions in the third year of their enrollment. We not only give focus on their study but also manage and provide guidelines for their future career. In addition, our special guidance has greatly helped them to do a reputed job or create employment opportunities for other hopefuls. For this, we consult various organizations which can offer job privileges to our collegiate or graduates.

In your opinion, why should one study technical and vocational education?

Study incorporates various processes of self preparation. In other words, it means securing future which is possible by acquiring skills, confidence and positive attitude. Technical education is considered to be life-enriching education. Therefore, every graduate with a qualification of technical education does not have to remain unemployed. They can easily get a job since vocational education is a crucial education that bestows on learners necessary life-enhancement skills. Therefore, it is really necessary for each individual to receive technical education for their secure future.

There is trend of going abroad after completing ten-plus-two education. What is the condition of going abroad after receiving technical and vocational education?

Technical and vocational education is not only for job seeks but also for job creators. Human resources with technical skills are highly demandable in the country beginning from a ward to national level. The government has also adopted the policy of recruiting one nurse in one school that has created a huge scope of nursing education in Nepal.

In your opinion, what things are to be considered while choosing a right college after the SEE?

In my opinion, an eye-catching infrastructure has nothing to do with selection of a right college. Students should choose such a college which focuses on transforming amateurs into independent individuals. KIT College is such a destination that focuses on education that equips students with appealing skills and inspires them to be autonomous in decision making.


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