KDCH: A Promising Centre for Dentistry and Research


Dr. Buddhi Man Shrestha
(BDS, EMBA, MPhil)
Kantipur Dental College
Teaching Hospital and Research Centre

Kantipur Dental College Teaching Hospital & Research Center (KDCH) — established in 2007 with an aim to provide world-class dental education and service in Nepal — is the first and standalone dental college to have been accredited by Kathmandu University. The college has set the benchmarks for the provision of quality medical education in Nepal. It offers a range of courses in dentistry: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) programs, affiliated to KU; and Certificate in Dental Science, and Diploma in Pharmacy, affiliated to CTEVT.

Kantipur Institute of Health Sciences (KIHS, Pokhara Branch of KSD & DH, is also the first dental hygiene school and only dental hospital in the western Nepal which offers qualifications of Dental Science, Diploma in Pharmacy, PCL Lab Technician and PCL Radiography, affiliated to CTEVT.

Dr. Buddhi Man Shrestha is the Chairman at Kantipur School of Dentistry, Kathmandu, the first dental hygiene school in Nepal. He has conducted nine departments for bringing the revolution in oral and dental health. The hospital not only provides dental service but also creates awareness on the dental health. In foreign countries, the dental education is given high priority and its expenses are not less than that of MBBS, but in Nepal it is just opposite. However, he is committed and dedicated to providing quality dental service and education at affordable cost. He opines that dental experts and most advanced dental technology have surged the status of Kantipur Dental Hospital, making it an ideal place for acquiring an array of courses in the field of dentistry and pharmacy. Excerpts:

What is the connection between the teeth and human health?

Teeth are a very important part of human body which has direct connection with health of an individual. When teeth masticate food it will be easy for digestion which strengthens immune power of people. Healthy teeth maintain healthy mouth and a salubrious body.

In your experience, what is the level of awareness among people concerning their oral diseases?

In comparison to the past scenario, the awareness level of people is growing significantly. There are around 2800 dentists providing service to people across the country. Among them, around 60% of human resources are in the Kathmandu valley and the rest are providing dental service in various parts of the country. All graduates of dentistry get a wealth of job opportunities in service to the public. In the recent days, a high number of people are conscious about their mouth-related diseases and embark on an immediate treatment, if required.

How many times one should check his/her teeth annually to ensure their healthy teeth?

Kantipur School of Dentistry— for the first time in the history— has launched a series of awareness campaigns visiting schools and community people across the country since it is a very important part of human health. We conduct awareness programs on brushing teeth twice a day meals. Similarly, we suggest that people must to do a dental flush in order to remove the cavity of their teeth. Moreover, we also advise people to examine their teeth twice a year in general condition. Our endeavors do not end here. What’s more! We provide the facility of membership at NPR 100.00, which enables people to get their teeth scaled. The membership is meant a service of scaling and polishing their teeth twice a year. In addition to this, we’ve conducted awareness programs by establishing tarps in 62 districts till date. Similarly, we’ve managed to organize awareness campaigns in more than 100 schools annually.

What sorts of problems are pervasive among people in Nepal concerning their teeth?

Most of the children are suffering from several problems starting from tooth damage by germs to overlapping of the teeth which are caused by improper implication of brushing technique. In this regard, we raise awareness, transfer our learned expertise, help people build positive attitude, advise them to consume healthy food, and encourage them to develop a good habit of giving proper care to their sensitive teeth.

Could you highlight the distinct features of Kantipur Dental College?

Kantipur Dental College is the pioneer institution established for providing education for dental hygiene and give dental assistant to people. It provides treatment and administers academic classes under the same management. We’ve been providing a facility for CT scan of the head and the neck since 2014 AD. Similarly, we are fully committed to imparting quality education and ensuring proper treatment for our patients. Therefore, it stands as the top-notch hospital in Nepal for head and neck surgery. In addition, oral pathology is also available in our hospital. Similarly, we facilitate country’s best trauma treatment.

The college currently operates nine dental programs under state-of-the-art infrastructure. It also encompasses ultra-modern laboratories for experiments and lab service. The academic programs are conducted in well-furnished classrooms. Similarly, it has managed to recruit efficient management team and dedicated faculty for world-class treatment and education.

How do you acknowledge the performance of your products in the global market?

We provide quality education along with advanced practical classes. Our products are skilled and self-motivated. They have shown their outstanding performance both in job landing sectors and higher studies globally. Therefore, their demand is increasing significantly in the course of time.

What suggestions would you like to give SEE and ten-plus-two graduates?

There is a high demand of dentistry education and its graduates in Nepal. So, I suggest that students join Kantipur Dental College in order to gain both fame and fortune. Since there prevails a high scope of dentists in Nepal, I advise both SEE and ten-plus-two graduates to visit Kantipur Dental College in order to experience a world-class education in dentistry and general health.


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