Federation of private technical schools is resolving growing dissatisfaction over government sanctions for health sector


Er. Sailendra Mohan Jha
President, Federation of Private Technical Schools

Er. Sailendra Mohan Jha entered the health education field running T-SLC programs in 2053 BS. In those days, there was high infant and maternal mortality rate. Similarly, the shortage of technical human resources in agriculture sector was persisting appallingly. In such a situation, his aim was to establish a technical institute with a view to produce medium level human resources. But the government’s decision to eliminate TSLC health program through an Education Bill, which had been favored by the legislature, is not a positive sign of promoting well-being of Nepalese people.

Er. Shailendra Mohan Jha, Founder Principal of Chhinnamasta Technical College, Rajbiraj, is National President at Federation of Private Technical Schools. He is also the Chairman at Hope International College, Satdobato, Lalitpur. He opines that technical education prepares students to be self-reliant and competent in their profession and occupation. He was caught up with College Readers and shared his views.

You are the president at Federation of Private Technical Schools and senior vice president at Forum for Health & Technical Sciences. What are the reasons that corroborate the continuation of TSLC program?

We started TSLC program in 2053 BS and diploma program in 2060 BS. Till date, CTEVT hasn’t provided us permanent affiliation, so, we are compelled to renew it every year, which is a great tension for private institutions in Nepal. I have heard that the government is planning to eliminate TSLC without any proper plans; therefore, it is misfortune of Nepalese people. In addition, the government does not allow us to run a medical college on one hand, and on the other hand, TSLC is going to die out. Still, the fee structure is determined neither for TSLC nor for diploma programs. So, I request the government to revise the fee structure in a scientific way without further delay.

What is the demand of the Federation regarding the issue of TSLC?

We are ready to accept and abide by the decision of the government, but it should make an appropriate decision. The TSLC program should not be phased out abruptly, but with proper logic with reasonable solutions. If done so, it will create insurmountable problems, resulting in crises of middle level human resources.

It is rumored that the government is planning to upgrade other health programs after eliminating TSLC. What is your view regarding this?

The government should not create confusion among private investors rather there should be the assurance of the investment of those investors. We are seeking the decision of the government with appropriate solution. We have submitted a petition letter to the Education Minister to resolve this academic maelstrom. In the petition, we’ve requested the government to provide affiliation for running higher classes in colleges that meet the criteria. The colleges which have not met the criteria or have no sufficient physical infrastructure should be given some time to fulfill the requisites.

In your view, what improvement should be made by the CTEVT?

The Prime Minister has proclaimed that he would establish a technical education institute at every local level. And the CTEVT should work exhaustively for its prompt and proper implementation. The CTEVT should provide permanent affiliation to technical institutions which have genuinely ventured into this competitive sector. Similarly, it should make its monitoring more effective and more often by setting the frameworks. In addition, the CTEVT should provide affiliation of new program and allow the existing affiliates to upgrade their programs on the bases of their capabilities and investment ratio.

In your opinion, how long will be the demand of TSLC in the context of Nepal?

Unless diploma programs are introduced to each local level, the lacuna of TSLC remains vacant. Without running diploma program of CTEVT al all local levels, it is very difficult to fulfill the requirements of middle level technical human resources in those areas. So, the government should understand this predicament before it makes a rigid decision.

What message would like to convey at last?

Technical education is a life-enhancing education that equips learners with relevant life-skills. It ensures job opportunities and enables learners to be entrepreneurs. In addition, no one remains unemployed with such skills. I suggest that SEE graduates visit our college and acquire all the information vis-à-vis technical education. We assure them that they will be equipped with relevant skills which are required for an award-winning career in the country or beyond.


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