Oxford College: the standalone institution to bag half a dozen of international awards


Er. Hari Bhandari
Founder Principal
Oxford College of Engineering & Management

Er. Hari Bhandari, the Principal of Oxford College of Engineering and Management, Gaindakot, has been awarded half a dozen of highly prestigious international awards, which have been a rare privilege for any Nepali academicians to acquire. It is the pride of Nepalese people and it is the proof that Nepales colleges are also of international standard and can compete globally. Er. Bhandari has been honored as the first Nepali to receive a prestigious title-‘Honorary Professor of Diploma’ by the Academic Union, Oxford University, UK.

Oxford College of Engineering and Management, situated outside the Kathmandu Valley in Gaindakot, Nawalpur, has been imparting globally standard and award-winning education in Nepal for the past 20 years. Of late, the college has been awarded ‘Quality Choice Prize-2019 (Gold Medal) by European Society for Quality Research and its contributions to quality management, leadership and research. This award has been pledged to the college among institutions of 85 countries which were nominated for award assessment.

To get such an award, an institution must have contributed to its respective spectrum for at least 10 years. ‘European Society for Quality Research’, situated in Switzerland, had provided the award from Berlin, Germany. This organization provides award to any institutions run by private, community or government sectors on the basis of contributions to their respective field. For the distribution of such an award, the awarding body forms a selection committee and the committee collects the information about institutions worldwide through various sources and analyzes their contributions before giving away the award. The selection committee takes relevant information from the country-based Embassy, University, published newspapers and magazines, the Chambers of Commerce, research and its own secret sources. In addition, the nominated institutions are given five minutes to delivery their speech at the award ceremony.

Speaking at the Award Ceremony, Er. Hari Bhandari highlighted the areas of research and studies where the college had focused. He not only brought the programs of his own college on the limelight but also highlighted the contributions of other institutions of Nepal that have played a significant role in bringing academic reforms. When he brought the references of Mount Everest, preaching of Buddha on peace and tranquility, and natural beauty of Nepal to his speech, the participants gave a huge applause in respect. He spoke of quality management that can guarantee quality in education.

Getting such a prestigious award means the management of Oxford College of Engineering and Management is efficient and world-class that has been working for maintaining transparent management and quality. The college has got an accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation System (UKAST England). It has achieved ISO certification for its globally acclaimed education. Before this veneration, the college had acquired an accreditation from Austria in 2015 BS for its quality management.

Quality in education is different from country to country, but there are some globally accepted basic standards. If the college meets the benchmarks of such globally accepted basic standard, it can be accepted as quality education. Oxford College has fulfilled the criteria since 2008 AD and it has reached in height in 2018 AD. By 2019 AD, the college has received six international awards for its quality education so far. The college had also received an award titled, ‘International Star for Leadership Quality’ from France in 2018 AD for the first time. Similarly, it has also received an international award from Italy titled, ‘Achievement Forum-2019’. In addition, the college has also been bestowed an award called, ‘ESQR Quality Choice Prize-2019’ from Germany. Not only these awards, the college is going to get another international award from the USA very soon. Under the title of this award, there are four different awards namely, ‘Distinguished Business Excellent Award, World Leader’s Business Person, International Certificate of Excellence Award, and Elite Member Certificate Award. It is not only the pride for Oxford College, but also for Nepal and Nepalese people.

Could you tell us what the ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize is.

The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize recognizes the organizations, companies, public administrations and individuals with ethics and initiatives that demonstrate exceptional success in quality management that maximize the full potential of their services through quality oriented practices. The award program is run by the ESQR (European Society for Quality Research) with Head Office in Lausanne, Switzerland.

How are award-winning companies, organizations and public administrations selected?

They are selected by ESQR based on the results of the ESQR’s polls, consumer opinion and research and market study. The voters can be customers, consumers, former ESQR award-winning companies and organizations, suppliers, collaborating companies or just sympathizers. The selection process includes research of public information sources, publications and positive remarks, charity project, Chambers of Commerce and University, projects, trade fairs and exhibitions.

What feelings did you have before attending an international conference for the first time?

No sooner had I received a letter for participation in an international ceremony than I jumped with joy; there was no limitation of my happiness. Initially, I lodged a visa for France, which I received in 7 working days, but it has the provision of granting a visa in 21 working days for common cases. I believe it was my fortune that favored me. We participated in the program in Nepali national uniform, Daura Suruwal, coat and Nepali cap which heightened our unique identity. It was joyous participation in the ceremony.

What changes have you brought to Oxford management after acquiring an international award?

I am from engineering background. After then, I studied MBA and MBS and got knowledge and experience for quality management. Because of our untiring continuous efforts, we have been awarded an international award for quality management and competitive leadership. In my experience, adequate knowledge is required for proper management of technology by collecting information. If there is proper combination of knowledge, proper management of technology and proper information collection, it is called quality. If quality management is achieved efficiently, it is considered the apropos leadership. Oxford College has made drastic reformation in its quality management after receiving such a prize.

You have learned and achieved quite a phenomenal experience in management leadership and quality after participating in various international programs. What are your plans that would strengthen quality education at your academy?

I have participated in various international programs on quality management and leadership. I have also shared experience with the chancellors and vice chancellors of various recognized and reputed universities in the world. Similarly, I’ve studied and analyzed the education system of Nepal and of foreign countries. We are lacking political ethics, vision, mission and commitment in political leadership. In fact, we have lost our morale in politics. Similarly, Nepalese people have developed the culture of jealousy of their contemporaries and leave no stone unturned to criticize them. In spite of this, Oxford College has earned an international recognition for quality management and has brought about phenomenal changes in attitude and ethic for success.

What differences have you experienced between the education system of Nepal and foreign countries?

Truly speaking, the theoretical aspects of curricula of Nepalese education system are far better than the curricula of foreign countries. But they are far behind the practical aspects. In Nepal, we continuously teach for six days in a week, but at foreign universities, this practice is rare. At those universities, three days have been allocated for theoretical course, and other three days are used for student field visits and they should compulsorily present their assignment in front of their peer group. But in our context, if a teacher focuses on practical aspects and assigns the task to students, s/he is considered sluggish and malingerer. In this regard, Oxford College has got a lot of experience of international standards and practices for quality education; so, it is fully committed to implementing the international practice for classroom teaching. We strictly maintain quality in our education delivery by focusing on practical classes, following the good aspects of international practice. We have full confidence that we can maintain quality better than European countries. It is the result of our participation in international programs.

Of late, a patriot of Nepal has got a gold medal from the European Society for quality education and research. What different perception and dream have you generated after the recognition?

It is not the matter of pride only for Oxford but also for the country. We participated in the program in Nepali dress and delivered a speech for three minutes. In this short period of speech time, I managed to highlight the main features of Nepal and the reasons for visiting the country by world’s community in order to get thrilling and long-lasting experience. I also expressed my honor to them for awarding me such a dignified award. They were highly impressed with my short speech. Since I have vision, mission and strong will to do something different, I will utilize my utmost efforts to retain the legacy of the Oxford Academy, which will be higher and more convincing for our students and parents. There may arise some sabotage on the way to my good work, but I am confident that I can overcome all those challenges.

What should the colleges of Nepal do for achieving an international award for quality education?

The colleges should meet the international benchmarks of quality education and should get an international accreditation. Following this step, the college should go ahead with further procedures of acquiring an award.

Getting an international award in education is the evidence of globally acclaimed education that is imparted by Nepalese colleges. In this regard, how can we make Nepal a hub for international academic courses?

I am confident that Nepal can be a hub for quality education and can provide quality education to inquisitive students from around the world. The students have to spend around 30000 Euro in master’s level for one year in Germany which is equal to 38 lakh of rupees in Nepal. However, we can complete the same course in the same standard at NPR 400000-500000.00. If we can make proper plans and policy for an inviting environment for quality education, we can bring foreign students to Nepal without much effort.

What should be done for creating such an environment in Nepal?

First of all, education should be made totally free from political disturbance and academic institutions should be made autonomous. The VC, rector and high level administrators of the University should not be appointed on the basis of their political ideology, nepotism and favoritism. They should be qualified enough and should abstain from any political influence. Similarly, the institutional infrastructure should be of international standard. England had faced economic crisis in 2013/14 AD. In such a situation, it adopted the policy to attract foreign students and earn huge amount of money from them. In the context of Nepal, since it has pleasant climate and attractive topography, it can be the best and most preferable destination for international students.

How will Oxford go ahead in the future? You have been awarded the title of professor. What does it signify?

Oxford alone cannot bring reforms in national education system. Our political leaders should have strong commitment for bringing a positive change. However, we can share our experience and stretch out our cooperation to the government. The title of professor is a dignified award. Under the evaluation of a team of the chancellors of world’s 200 universities, the title was awarded to me. They thoroughly examined my endeavors and contributions before granting me such an award. I was the first person from Nepal to have been awarded such a stratospheric title by England. It is indeed a matter of pride and dignity of the country, Nepal.

What would you like to say at last?

We should work continuously and untiringly with positive attitudes and mindset which eventually lead us to phenomenal successes. Oxford College representatives have managed to attend a series of international interaction programs, seminars and workshops and shared their experience with our teaching and non-teaching staff. Our college has provided such opportunities to our staff as our annual programs which have brought about positive changes in quality management and quality education. So, I convey this courtesy message to all desperate students and concerned parents to acquire positive attitude from other countries.


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