Sterling Educational Landmarks of Sudur Paschim Province (7)


Far Western University, Mahendranagar

Far Western University (FWU) was established in 2010 under the Act of Parliament as a government-funded university. The advent of the university is the efficacy of a decade-long struggle of the people of Far Western Region. Far Western University is an outcome after merging Siddhanath Multiple Campus into its administration. Of late, the University has commenced six different faculties: Humanities and Social Science, Education, Management, Science and Technology, Engineering and Agriculture Science. At present, it has incorporated 14 other community colleges as its constituent except its central campus in Mahendranagar.

Kailali Multiple Campus, Dhangadhi, Kailali

Kailali Multiple Campus is a leading and largest community campus in Nepal. In the last 37 years of its history, KMC has set several landmarks in educational history of Far Western Region. The selection of KMC at the national level by the University Grants Commission for granting the international accreditation is the latest example of its success. Currently, it has been running programs from plus two level to Master’s level. It offers plus two program in Science, Management, Humanities and Education, affiliated to NEB and BBS, BA, BSW, BBM, B.Sc., BBA, MA, M.Ed., MBS, MBA-E, affiliated to TU.

NAST, Dhangadhi, Kailali

National Academy of Science and Technology, (NAST), a top-notch educational institution in Far Western region. It has proved itself as a centre of learning for academic excellence in the field of science-technology and management. It has been offering probably best facilities and greater opportunities to unexplored talents and economically less income groups especially in province no 7 of the country. It is the first and only engineering college in the Mid-Western and Far-Western regions. Currently it has been running BE Computer, BE Civil, BCA and BBA, affiliated to Pokhara University and also  plus two programs in Science and Management, affiliated to NEB.

 Aishwarya Vidhya Niketan School & College, Dhangadhi

Aishwarya Vidya Niketan, one of the leading and excellent centers for qualitative education in Far Western Development Region, was established under the Act of “Sarbajanik Shaikshik Guthi” (Public Educational Trust) in 2033 B.S. There were no any educational institutions at that time to provide quality education in the far western region, so, the emergence of such an institution was a boon for young learners. It offers an array of course choices in plus two programs: Science, Management, Humanities and Education with accreditation from NEB and B.Sc. and BBS from Tribhuvan University under Aishwarya Multiple Campus in a separate building. It was the first institution to commence B.Sc. program in Seti Zone.

Birendra Vidyamandir Secondary School, Tikapur

Birendra Vidyamandir Secondary School, situated in Tikapur, was established in 2031 B.S. with the initiation of Khadak Bahadur Singh who was the then Chairman at Tikapur Development Committee. The school has been functioning as a public trust institution. The school never forgets the contributions of Thomas Barges who had contributed significantly to raise its academic acclamation. The school conducts separate classes in English and Nepali medium up to Grade ten. It has been running +2 programs in Science, Management, Education and Humanities in affiliation with NEB.

Doti Multiple Campus, Silgadhi, Doti

Doti Multiple Campus was established in 2017 B.S. just a year after the establishment of Tribhuvan University with noble aims of imparting knowledge for those who have been socially, economically and educationally wrenched. It has travelled thousands of miles, but yet, it has a long journey ahead. It is one of the TU constituent campuses and one of the best institutions in this area for imparting higher education. Currently, it is running BBS, BA, B.Ed., BCA, MA Sociology and MA Nepali.

Siddhanath Science Campus, Mahendranagar

Siddhanath Science Campus, established in 2033 BS in Mahendranagar, is one of the leading campuses of Tribhuvan University. It has overcome many challenges and embraced many achievements through various intervals of time. It is pride and prestige of Province-7 as it is the standalone science campus in this area which has recruited qualified teachers, quality production and efforts of diverse developments. Currently, it is offering an array of course choices: B.Sc CSIT, B.Sc and M.Sc in Physics.

 Sudur Paschimanchal Academy, Dhangadhi

With the aim to run an epitomic and leading academic institution in far western region, Sudur Pashchimanchal Academy—publicly known for its acronym SPA—was established in 2056 BS which offers plus two programs in Science, Management, Humanities and Education in affiliation with NEB and BBS, BA, B.Ed., BIM, BHM and M.Ed. in affiliation with TU. The SPA is proud of all its graduates who have secured their rewarding niches in renowned sectors of Nepal including banking, corporate and business skills.

 Radiant Secondary School, Mahendranagar

Radiant Secondary School is a modern academic institute, founded in 2057 BS by a group of highly experienced and dedicated science teachers. It is situated in Bhimdatt-18, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur. It has been running plus two programs in Science and Management and has achieved a well-proven track record for the last 18 years with the attainment of excellent results since the very beginning.

RME School, Tikapur

RME School— established in 2067 BS— has earned its sterling reputation for imparting quality education in very short span of time since its inception so it has become one of the leading private-funded academic institutions. The school started with Nursery program up to Grade ten in the year of its establishment. Currently, it is running classes from Nursery to Grade twelve. It offers plus two program in Management. The school is under construction in 0.6 hectares (one biga) of land.

 Kanchan Vidya Mandir Samudayik School/College, Mahendranagar

Kanchan Vidya Mandir Secondary School, established in 2036 B.S. by collective efforts and contributions of intellectuals, social workers, local people, educational devotees and local government bodies, is a community-based educational institution registered under the Guthi (Trust) Act- 1977. Kanchan Vidya Mandir is one of the leading, reputed and renowned institutions of Nepal. Currently, it offers classes from Nursery to Master degree in which plus two programs are being offered in Science and Management, affiliated to NEB and BBS and MBS, affiliated to TU.

Amity College, Mahendranagar

Amity College—established in 2067 BS—was the first college to offer BBA curricula in the district in association with Pokhara University. Commenced with the curricula of BBA, the college now offers BHCM with the involvement of a team with innovative vision, long experience and dedication to uplift the status of modern and technical education in Province 7. It has become nationally renowned institution that has successfully dispatched a large number of graduates.

 Brixton College, Mahendranagar

Brixton College— affiliated to Pokhara University— is one of the pioneer institutions for preparing individuals for professional careers in business management.  It offers BBA program. Brixton focuses on each student’s lifelong success as a principal lead of business & society. It is principally well-known for its excellent results and quality education.

 Nepal Western Academy, Dhangadhi

Nepal Western Academy, established in 2009 AD, aims at setting a benchmark in management and engineering education in far western region of Nepal. To meet the growing demand of banking and insurance and hotel industries worldwide, the academy offers BBA-BI and BHM courses. NWA has excellent teaching faculty, outstanding learning ambience and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

 Tikapur Multiple Campus, Tikapur

Top of Form

Tikapur Multiple Campus (TMC), established in 2058 BS, is one of the QAA certified colleges of Nepal. Since its inception, as a community campus, it has imparted higher level academic programs, affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Formally, it has plunged into the propriety of Far Western University as a constituent campus on 1st Shrwan, 2075. Currently, it is running plethoras of courses in MBA, MBM, MA, M.Ed., B.Sc. Forestry, BBS, BBA, BBM, B.Ed. and BA.

 Florida International Secondary School, Mahendranagar

Florida International Secondary School was established in 2057 BS by a team of educational enthusiasts. Located at the heart of Mahendranagar, Florida Int’l HS School/College offers various courses from Nursery to Grade ten, HSEB +2 programs in Science, Management and TU bachelor’s program in Management (BBS). The sole aim of the school is to raise the quality of education of the Far Western Development Region. The school focuses on preparing competent and trustworthy citizens to face each challenge of this competitive world.

Sunrise Public Secondary School, Mahendranagar

Sunrise Public School was founded by a group of highly qualified and dedicated academicians and professionals which is a student-friendly institution that has been providing educational services since 2064 BS. It runs classes from Nursery to Grade twelve. It offers 10+2 program in Science, Management and Education.

 Kailali Model College, Dhangadhi

Kailali Model College, established in 2052 BS with a slogan “Quest for Knowledge with Wisdom”, has been a choice for many brilliant students and nationally and internationally acclaimed academicians. It stands a unique model educational foundation and its management believes that the college will prove itself to be a real prototype in the county’s educational development in very short span of time. Currently, it is running programs from PG to Grade twelve including Science and Management streams in plus two level.

Ujyalo Shiksha Sadan Secondary School, Lamki

Ujyalo Shiksha Sadan Secondary School— founded in 2048BS— has been administered by a new management team of highly professionals since 2069 BS. Since then it has been marching ahead in quality enhancement under sophisticated infrastructure. It has been spread over 1.67 acres of land where students feel easy to participate in extra-curricular activities. It has been running classes from Nursery to grade twelve in an amicable atmosphere. It offers plus two programs in Management and Humanities affiliated to NEB. A total of 1650 students are currently studying here.

 Everest Academy, Attariya

Everest Academy— established in 2062BS— has been struggling with country’s academic maelstrom with the will power to ensure quality enhancement. It has been running classes from Nursery to bachelor level. It offers B.Ed. (TU) and plus two programs in Management, Education and Humanities, affiliated to NEB. As the school aims to link technology with the regular teaching and learning activities, it gives emphasis on using latest technology like laptop, cell-phone and tablet as learning materials.

Holyland English Boarding School, Attariya

Holyland English Boarding School— founded in 2056 BS— is one of the leading schools in Kailali district. With the demand of local parents and students, the school launched its plus two program in Management in 2067 and since then it has not left any stone unturned for quality deliverance in plus two management. With the continuous support and love from the parents and public, Holyland has been continuously delivering a range of quality academic programs.

New Light Education Home, Tikapur

New Light Education Home, established in 2049 BS by intellectuals and academic vanguards, is a distinctly service-oriented educational institute. It runs academic programs from play group to Grade twelve. It offers plus two programs in Management, Humanities and Education, affiliated to NEB. The school promotes Montessori based teaching and learning activities in pre-primary level facilitating all the learning resources to young learners.

Birendra Vidyamandir Multiple Campus, Tikapur

Established in the year 2063 BS by a group of educationists, Birendra Vidhyamandir Multiple Campus is a leading independent public college which is situated at the heart of Tikapur city. It aims to be an institution of excellence and dedicated to producing good citizens and leaders of future. The campus has been running Bachelor programs: Bachelor of Business Studies-BBS and Bachelor of Education-B.Ed. affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

Little Buddha Academy, Mahendranagar

Little Buddha Academy was established in 2062 BS by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic academics and other professionals to impart quality education at local level. The first batch of Grade ten was appeared in the SLC examinations in 2065 B.S. It is a crystal clear that Little Buddha Academy has been a centre of attraction for the people who are rushing in search of quality education not only in the Far Western but across the country. It offers plus two program in Science and Management, affiliated to NEB.

 International Public School, Mahendranagar

International Public School— a popular learning center amid denizens of far-western development region and one of the prime and glorious educational institutions of this region—is the standalone academic institution that ensures outstanding results every year, which was once ranked the third position in SLC. In addition, it has established its distinctive appellation in the arena of education. It has been running classes from PG to Grade twelve. It offers plus two education in management stream.

Morning Glory Secondary School, Mahendranagar

Morning Glory Secondary School— established in 2063 BS by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and well-experienced academicians in order to impart quality education to young learners— is one of the leading schools in the district. Needless to say, since the establishment of this school, it has been quenching the thirst of quality and scientific education of the students irrespective of their backgrounds. Currently, it has been running the classes from PG to Grade twelve. It offers plus two program in Science and Management.

 Kanchanjunga Secondary School, Gulariya

Kanchanjunga Secondary School, situated in Gulariya of Kanchanpur district, is one of the well-established private-run academic institutions, which was established in 2049 BS. It has been running the classes from Nursery to Grade twelve. It offers plus two program in Management. The school participated in the first SLC in 2057 BS, which gave a phenomenal upshot. As a result, it is one of the trusted, established and excellent academic institutions.

Adarsh Vidya Niketan School, Mahendranagar

Adarsh Vidya Niketan is an acclaimed educational institution that came into existence in 2046 BS with the sole purpose of imparting high quality education to young generation. Its first batch had ventured into SLC examinations in 2055, and subsequently it commenced its plus two wing in 2059 BS. It offers management education in plus two level.

 Millennium Bridge Academy, Tikapur

Millennium Bridge Academy— established in 2049 BS— is an academic shrine for meritorious and promising aspirants who wish to dedicate their lives to enhance the quality of managerial, scientific and pedagogical skills through hard work and perseverance. Millennium was established in 2049 B.S. which is run by a team of dedicated, efficient, highly experienced and professional academicians. It offers +2 courses in Management, Humanities and Education affiliated to NEB, which is also famous for its array of courses offered from Nursery to Grade twelve.

 Diamond Academy, Mahendranagar

Diamond Academy was established in 2052BS that offers classes from Nursery to Grade 12. It offers plus two program in Management. About eight hundred students are currently studying here. The school gives individual care to students so that the discipline of the students can always be of a high priority.

Siddhartha Shishu Sandan School, Dhangadhi

Siddhartha Secondary School was established in 2045 BS by a team of well-experienced professionals, experts and academics that carved out a niche as an acclaimed institution in Kailali district. It is famous for its outstanding teaching and learning activities in a tranquil atmosphere which offers plus two program in Management.

Mahendranagar Secondary School, Mahendranagar

Mahendranagar Secondary School, established in 2013 BS, is one of the leading government schools in the Province-07, which conducts classes in both English and Nepali languages. Now it has been a choice of every student of its locality and adjacent swathes. Currently, it runs classes from Nursery to Grade twelve and plus two program is run in Science, Management, Education and Agriculture (I.Sc.).

Seti Mahakali Nursing Campus, Mahendranagar

Seti Mahakali Nursing Campus established in 2057 is affiliated to Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and approved by Nursing Council of Nepal to conduct the three-year proficiency certificate level in nursing (Staff Nurse). When the far western region in particular and Nepal in general have been looming over acute shortage of nursing professionals, Seti Mahakali Nursing Campus has been at the forefront to diminish this anxiety to a larger extent.

Farwest School of Medicine, Mahendranagar

Farwest School of Medicine (FWM) came into existence in 2004 A.D which has been running CTEVT programs: General Medicine / Health Assistant (H.A.), Diploma in Pharmacy and Technology CMLT. Moreover, it has proved itself to be a rewarding destination for students seeking to explore, nurture and excel in their endeavors in the field of medicine/ health. Eventually, it has become the centre of excellence in the field of diploma education.

Far West Technical College, Dhangadhi

Established in 2010 BS, Farwest Technical College is a CTEVT affiliated educational institution. It is pride of the inhabitants of Dhangadi that it has been preparing best qualified citizens with excellence in skills and knowledge since its inception. Currently, it is running PCL Nursing and Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Bhageshwor Academy for Health Sciences, Dhangadhi

Established in 2059 BS, Bhageshwor Academy for Health Sciences is one of the leading technical schools in the Far Western Province. This institution has been successful in showing outstanding results due to its efficient management team and well-qualified teaching faculty who are equipped with long experience of exceptional tutoring. Currently, it is running General Medicine and Diploma in Pharmacy, affiliated to CTEVT.

Khaptad Medical Studies & Health Science, Dhangadhi

Khaptad Medical Studies & Health Sciences, affiliated to CTEVT, was established in 2072 BS with the aim at preparing middle level health practitioners. The college prioritizes quality enhancement of students by providing competent teaching faculty, well infrastructure, and cutting-edge laboratory. Currently, it conducts programs of General Medicine (HA) and CMLT.

Shaileshwori Farwest School for Health Science & Technology, Dhangadhi

Shaileshwor Farwest School for Health Science & Technology is a leading health institution in the entire Province-7 which was established in 2065 BS. It conducts HA, CMLT and PCL Nursing courses, affiliated to CTEVT. Graduates of this institution are showing marvelous accomplishments not only in their workplace also in higher education.

SK Institute of Technology, Mahendranagar

SK Institute of Technology, established in 2056 BS, is a leading educational institute in the Province-07, affiliated to CTEVT. Considering technical education to be the bedrock of the country’s economy, it has been imparting quality technical education at affordable fee structure. It offers Survey Engineering, Medical Lab Tech. and Civil Sub-overseer.

Soojung Health and Technical Academy, Rajpur, Doti

Established in 2072, Soojung Health and Technical Academy, is in its nascent stage of progress, which is the standalone institution for imparting nursing education in the mountainous regions of the Far Western Province. It offers PCL Staff Nurse, affiliated to CTEVT and has dispatched one batch of graduates so far.

White Park College, Amargadhi

White Park College is a leading technical institution in the district, affiliated to CTEVT. It has been established with the aim at preparing technical human resources, which is today’s urgent need and importance. It offers PJTA, VJTA, AAHW (Aayurvedik), Amin, Civil Sub Overseer and Lab Assistant courses at affordable fee structure.

Godawari Institute of Hotel Management, Mahendranagar

Godawari Institute of Hotel Management is one the best and leading hotel management institutes in Mahendranagar and the first institute to acquire affiliation from CTEVT. The most significant feature of this institution is that it gives a wealth of opportunities to its students by providing 100% job placement after upon completing their graduation. It offers certificate level of education in Food & Beverage Service, Culinary Arts/Cooking and Baking and House Keeping.

Siddhartha Boarding Secondary School, Belauri

Siddhartha Boarding Secondary School was established in 2043 BS with the aim of imparting quality education at affordable cost. It always prioritizes effective teaching and learning activities. Currently, it conducts classes from Nursery to Grade twelve. It offers only management in plus two.

Siddhartha Public Secondary School, Purnawas

Siddhartha Public Secondary School is a leading school in both quality education as well as in number of students it has. It was established in 2049 BS which has been imparting qualitative education from Nursery to grade twelve at affordable cost. It offers plus two program in Management.

Gyanodaya Vidya Niketan, Amargadhi

Having been established in 2061BS, Gyanodaya Vidya Niketan, is an English medium co-educational institution. Promoted by a team of academicians, researchers and professionals renowned both at home and abroad, GVN has proved itself as a centre of learning for academic excellence in the field of science, technology and management. It has been offering education from Nursery to Grade ten and plus two programs in Science and Management.

Mountain English Medium Boarding School, Amargadhi

Mountain English Medium Boarding Secondary School is a leading school in the district, which was established in 2046 BS. It is situated in Amargadhi-5, Bagbazar, Dadheldhura. Currently, it is running classes from Nursery to bachelor level. It offers plus two program in Education and Management and Business Studies in the bachelor level.

Soojung English Boarding School, Rajpur, Doti

Soojung English Boarding School is a leading private school in the district, which was established in 2052 BS. It is located in Dipayal Silgadhi-4, Rajpur, Doti. It has been running classes from Nursery to Grade twelve and offers plus two programs in Education and Management.


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