Protocol and relevant contributions are assessment factors for perfect candidacy: Shiva Prasad Adhikari, Vice President, HISSAN Kathmandu


Shiva Prasad Adhikari is the Founder Principal at Ed-Mark Academy/College, Kalanki, Kathmandu. He has been an active member of HISSAN for more than ten years and has accomplished tremendous work of HISSAN during his tenure in ten years’ time. He has successfully completed his tenure as an executive district committee member, treasurer and vice-president at the HISSAN Kathmandu. Moreover, he has adequate knowledge, strategies and plans for the smooth running of HISSAN programs that he is planning to implement when he gets an opportunity to lead the team. So, he claims that he is a right candidate for the post of president and the majority of present committee members are in favor of him.

He says everyone should maintain the chain of command and respect the organizational hierarchy and protocol. He appeals all the members to count on his leadership and observe his competent leadership that will surely steer up the status of the HISSAN Kathmandu. Excerpts:

Kathmandu-HISSAN is preparing for its convention within the month of Falgun. And you are intending to give your nomination for the post of President at Kathmandu HISSAN. Could you share some of your experience as part of HISSAN?

You say it will be held within Falgun-2075, but the date has not yet been fixed. I think the elections for the new HISSAN committee will be held in Chaitra. The convention of the central HISSAN is also going to be held very soon. So, before conducting the conference of the central HISSAN, the elections of Kathmandu HISSAN will be conducted. I have been an active member of the central HISSAN for more than ten years and I have taken up various top-most positions in Kathmandu-HISSAN during the cascade of various tenure intervals. I have successfully completed my tenure as a member and now I am working as senior vice president at the central HISSAN. So, I’m embarking on the post of president in the new HISSAN committee as I’ve received selfless support from the majority of the existing HISSAN committee. The present secretary will support me if we have to follow the protocol of the organization.

What specific plans and strategies do you have for the leadership at HISSAN that may convince its members to support you?

As well as having a long experience in the academic sphere I played a pivotal role in bringing the appellation of the organization on the spotlight, which I feel is my hard-earned legacy. I have been working actively as senior vice president of Kathmandu HISSAN for a long time. Similarly, I have some specific plans to strengthen the organizational status as well. I will establish strong coordination amongst all the associate colleges and work diligently for resolving their problems. In addition, I will organize a wealth of programs to maintain good camaraderie among the members as well as upgrade the quality of the colleges. Another plan adheres to the conducting of various training sessions and interaction programs for the teachers of all member colleges in order to bolster their teaching proficiency. Various academic programs, teachers training and activities will not only underpin the teaching mojo of teachers but also enhance teaching and learning activities in each organization. I will utilize optimum resources of the HISSAN to solve existing problems looming in private education sector in Kathmandu district. Similarly, I will maintain good coordination with the HISSAN Central Committee as well as local level committees. Similarly, I will follow the footsteps of the seniors of this organization and continue with their unfinished plans. Besides these efforts, I am planning to maintain quality in book publication and reference books. I will try my best to bring uniformity in examinations so that all the member colleges adopt the same pattern for their examinations.

It is alleged that the HISSAN representatives become active during the election but passive during the post-election tenure. How do you exonerate yourself of this accusation?

It is a transitional stage for private educational institutions in Nepal. The government has spread a negative propaganda of disappearance of private institutions from Nepal within next 10 years’ time which has become a menace amid the private institutions. Our central committee member has withstood against such unethical step of the government; as a result, the government has been compelled to accept that fact that Nepal’s education environment cannot flourish without the entailment of private institutions. In addition, the present HISSAN Chairperson is a member of National Education Commission who is advocating the immeasurable contributions of private institutions to the escalation of academic status of the nation which has given a pathway to the sustainability of private educational institution in the long-run. Therefore, due to strong leadership of our President, the government has accepted and addressed the phenomenal espousal of private institutions in academic reforms. So, I thank the president of the Central HISSAN on behalf of all the members of Kathmandu-HISSAN for his meaningful efforts in bringing the issues of private institutions on the limelight and igniting the strength of private education amid stakeholders and policymakers.

There is a strong dissatisfaction from PABSON and NPABSON member schools over the recent education report prepared by Higher Level National Education Committee that HISSAN President has emasculated the value of school education. How far is this criticism true?

The president of HISSAN has been bestowed an opportunity to be a member of high level national education committee formed by the government of Nepal. He has successfully brought a plethora of issues concerning private education in Nepal which will get an edge for successful implementation of the plans soon. In addition, due to his untiring efforts and humble presence in the commission, the existence of private educational institutions has been ensured and our investment is fully secured. So, it is unwise to express dissatisfaction over HISSAN activities.


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