Leadership requires high certitude for academic up-fronts: Bhawani Prasad Poudel Secretary, HISSAN Kathmandu


Bhawani  Prasad Poudel is the principal at Jaya Multiple Campus, Jorpati. He is the present secretary of HISSAN-Kathmandu. He is also involved in social work through a range of social organizations. His agility and audacious personality may help him lead the HISSAN-Kathmandu as president in the days to come.

‘Amid stand-offish scenarios of private educational institutions, there should be a dynamic and dashing leader who can cope with existing problems and negotiate with the government to formulate favorable educational policies for private educational organizations’, he claims. He further says, ‘a leadership in an organization should be visionary, efficient, able and dynamic’ and he seems to be a capable and eligible candidate for the post of president of HISSAN Kathmandu. In the view of Mr. Poudel, if he gets an opportunity to lead the HISSAN Kathmandu, people will definitely witness a competent leader who has emerged to pave a way to successful implementation of academic activities. Excerpts:

What sorts of attributes, you think, should be possessed by the new leader of Kathmandu HISSAN?

The present situation of private educational institutions is not favorable as we are staggering on the brisk of collapse due to dual policy of the government. In such a hostile situation, the Kathmandu HISSAN leadership should be versatile, far-sighted and efficient enough to retain the legacy of HISSAN. In addition, the new leader should be able to coordinate with all the stakeholders of private educational institutions and the government and bring rapid reforms in education deliverance. Therefore, I suppose myself to be eligible for this post, who can outreach media partnership and government with limpid vision to ensure existence and sustainability of private educational institutions in Nepal. Similarly, I have capacity to coordinate with different components of HISSAN such as municipality HISSAN, metropolitan-based HISSAN and other HISSAN organizations. Similarly, I will formulate plans and implement them with the help of the central HISSAN. So in my perspectives, my leadership will be very fruitful for the Kathmandu HISSAN.

It is alleged that most candidates seem ebullient and frenetic before the election, but in the post-election period the elected representatives look very passive and reluctant to solve ubiquitous problems. How far do you agree with this and what is your response to this allegation?

This is a trend and mindset of elected representatives which we have been witnessing since the establishment of the HISSAN. Most of our members are those who show their gestures during the elections and remain dormant during their entire tenure. So, we need a dynamic leader who can prove this backlash mendacious. The dynamic leader can break the hackneyed trend of being frenetic during the elections but stagnant in the post-election period.

 Although one of the representatives of HISSAN was part of High Level Education Commission that endorsed new laws rendering threats in the sphere of private education, people accuse him of ignoring and overlooking the issues of private educational institutions which has spread negative criticism amid HISSAN associate colleges. Is this true?

The commission consists of 25 members. Our president is one of the members of the Commission. There was a large group of people who intended to strangle the throat of private institutions in Nepal. Most of them stood rigidly against the provision of private education in Nepal. In such an abominable circumstance, it was not easy to address all existing problems and get a solution to dismantle academic barriers. However, due to able leadership and efficiency of our president, we have been given a space in national level education. Some of our issues are being addressed by the commission due to the strong reservation and interference of our president in the commission. The single effort of our president among 25 members for addressing the issues of private education sector is really praiseworthy. So, I don’t see any such flaws in our current president who is a member of the high level education commission formed by the government.

To what extent are you confident that the Kathmandu-HISSAN will get a competent leader through its elections?

All the active members of HISSAN have equal rights to claim for the post of president. We should accept it as a natural process. However, the leader should be farsighted, visionary and audacious so that s/he could raise voices for any misconduct against the organization. In this regard, I consider myself to be an eligible candidate for the post of president. I hope all our members will support and help me crystallize my dream. If I get the responsibility as president of HISSAN Kathmandu, I assure you all that I will show my utmost efforts in accomplishing the task in a significant way.

Last, but not the least, what message would you like to convey to the readers of this magazine?

Undisputedly, the HISSAN-Kathmandu is searching for a leader who can escalate the activities of HISSAN encompassing all private educational institutions with able leadership. Moreover, the leader should be cooperative, supportive and can maintain good modus Vivendi in the organization. Therefore, I humbly request that all the HISSAN associate colleges help me for the assurance of longevity of private educational institutions and security of the huge investment made by them.


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