Regardless of insufficient funds, we are striving for best academic upshots


Dr. Dwij Raj Bhatta, PhD


Far Western University, Mahendranagar


Could you give brief account of Far Western University?

Far Western University was established with the aim to deliver quality education in higher level across the country. Its central office is located in Mahendranagar as per the University Act. All the programs of Sidhanath Multiple Campus: Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Management were merged in the university’s accredited syllabuses. Now, the university offers an array of courses in five different disciplines.


As far as the property of the university is concerned, we own a capacious plot of land of 9.48 hectares (14 biga). Now, two buildings are under construction that incorporate Central Department and Engineering Department, which will have been completed by December, 2017.


Could you give us a limpid data of the number of students of Far Western University?

As per the latest data, around 2642 students are part of this university. There are around 167 teaching and non-teaching staff. Among them 100 are the teaching staff and other 67 have been categorized as administrative workforce.


Are you planning to launch any new programs this year?

We are focusing more on strengthening our existing programs. We are striving to replenish the requisite demand and needs of the advanced courses. We cannot add new programs in all the subjects, but we are planning to add a program vis-à-vis-agriculture. Beside these factors, we are funded by the government of Nepal so our fee structure is lower than that of private institutions. Moreover, we are intending to add new programs in each faculty as we believe ‘time favors the bold’.


Is it fair to state that Far Western University is lagging behind giving affiliation to eligible colleges?

I’m afraid not. It is not behind the curtain while giving away its accreditation to the deserving academic institution. It’s the University Act that has impeded us to allow any affiliations for a period of five years. However, we have now completed this probation period and are in the process of endorsing affiliations to some colleges. There are insurmountable obstacles coming across affiliation process like internal arguments, university closure and other incongruous sabotage from outsiders resulting in affiliation delay. Regardless of our past hindrance, we are officially ready to give affiliation to eligible colleges.




Which part do you focus on while giving affiliations?

While giving the affiliation, principally we focus on technical and science-related subjects.



As per the date of Pokhara and Purvanchal Universities, the government only provides 30% of the total funds and the rest is managed by the universities themselves. How is Far Western University functioning?

We are fully funded by the government. Needless to say, the fee structures of the courses offered are relatively low; therefore, funds are insufficient for palpable improvements. Moreover, the number of staff members is very low so we have to provide them overtime facility to ensure the completion of the work and syllabuses in time. Regardless of small number of students, we need sufficient human resources based on our syllabuses. For instance, even for 10 students, we require 50 teaching staff are needed. So, it has nothing to do with the number of students while recruiting teachers.  We are trying our best to increase the attraction of the students and some income from the affiliation parts.


Would you like to convey any message in the coda of our conversation?

We are thankful to College Readers as you’ve visited our university and will advocate our teaching efforts. We are going to conduct our first convocation this year. Furthermore, our priority is for developing the curriculum, and improving our management system. Now, the best part of the examination system has been managed properly. We manage to publish our results within a period of three months.


Our teachers and professors are non PHD holders so we are also considering their PhD graduation. In addition, many universities and organizations have approached us for Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), so we are planning for that as well. All in all, we are intending to make a giant leap to ensure award-winning education for our students with the support of the parents and government.



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