Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe


Xavier Academy believes in imparting an integrated and holistic education through student-oriented teaching

Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe

Executive Chairman, NEF-CCN, AITM, KDBC and XA

  1. What’s your comment on recently published SEE Grade Ten result?

Firstly, I would like to explain about the SLC marking and the SEE grading.

In the SLC marking, there were basically five categories: distinction (80% or above), first division (60% to <80%), second division (45% to <60%), third division (32% to <45%) and fail (less than 32%).

In the SEE marking, there are 9 categories of letter grading, namely, A+ (outstanding – 90% or above), A (excellent – 80 to <90), B+ (very good – 70 to <79), B (good – 60 to <69), C+ (satisfactory – 50 to <60), C (acceptable – 40 to <50), D+ (partially acceptable – 30 to <39), D (insufficient – 20 to <30) and E (very insufficient – <20).

The letter grading avoids categorizing any student as a failed student, but rather attempts to recognize the fact that all students have gained certain knowledge and proficiency. It attempts to avoid the social stigma attached to failure, which in the past has resulted in many cases of suicide.When letter grading was introduced for SLC marking last year, there was a lot of confusion amongst most of the stakeholders. This confusion was due to the fact that it was not adequately explained to the students, parents and the society at large. Over the past year, society has begun to understand the letter marking system. Therefore, this system has become more easily understood and acceptable.

With respect to this year’s SEE results, a cursory analysis of the results indicate that the actual number of students, who have attained D+ or more ((30% or more), has decreased in number as well as in % from 97.31% last year to 91.68% this year. The most significant decrease seems to be in the A+ category, where this year there were only 4,287 students, which constitute less than 1% compared to 3.76% last year. There has also been slight decrease in the other categories

  1. Now most SEE graduates seem to be dilemma for selecting a good college for their plus two studies. What message would you like to convey to them?

My advice to the SEE graduates is that they should discuss with their parents and teachers about their particular interests, their future career and accordingly choose the right stream, whether it be science, management or humanities. Choosing the right stream is the most important decision that any student can take up. After deciding the stream (science or any of the non-science streams), the students should do a bit of research to identify which colleges have a good reputation and well-proven track record in providing quality education.

The students should try to get as much information as possible on all the potential colleges, including information on the track record of the colleges, the reputation of the colleges, as well as the faculty, the promoters, the infrastructure as well as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The students and the parents should visit the colleges. After a thorough research and discussion, the students should make an informed decision to choose the right college.

  1. Would you tell us about plus two program at Xavier Academy?

Xavier Academy (XA) has been offering science and management from the 1st of August 1997. From the very first year of its operations, XA has been consistently ranked within the top ten +2 institutions in the country. In 2010, XA achieved 100% results in both science and management. Again in 2013 AD, XA achieved 100% results in both science and management. From 2010 onwards, XA has been achieving more than 92% pass rate. It is because of this that XA is one of the most sought after +2 institutions in the country.

Over the past 2 years, the facilities have been considerably improved so as to enroll 200 students in science (day shift) and 135 students in management shift (morning shift).

XA will be celebrating 20 years of academic excellence and holistic education this year with a variety of inter-college competitions and interesting events.

  1. Could you please mention five unique features of your institution that guarantees competence of students?

XA believes in imparting an integrated and holistic education through student-oriented teaching. It operates from its own 6-storied 2,500 sq. m. building, located in Lazimpat, Kathmandu.


The very first unique feature of XA is that it is totally committed to academic excellence. This has been proven by the results in the final examination of Class XI and Class XII. The creditable performance of the XA alumni all over the world is further proof of our commitment and dedication.


The second unique feature of XA is its focus on total personality development through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The co-curricular activities include essay writing, elocution, debating, Model United Nations, personal development and character building. The extra-curricular activities include various club activities, including art, debate, singing, music, dancing, dramatics, science, chess and various sports activities.


The third unique feature of XA is that it believes in helping the less fortunate and disadvantaged members of the society through 15 hours of mandatory social service, with 5 hours of social service after every term examination. The social service activities make our students better persons inside and out.


The fourth unique feature of XA is that it provides a very disciplined and caring environment for students to discover their true potential. In XA, learning tends to be a very joyful experience.


The fifth unique feature of XA is that the facilities are one of the best in the country. The classrooms, the laboratories, the library, the conference room, the cafeteria, the restroom have been considerably improved to create a very pleasant learning environment. Over the past 2 years, the lobby, the stairway and the corridors have been made very artistic. This feature alone makes XA very unique.

  1. Would you clarify the achievement of the students passing from your institution?

XA students have not only excelled in their studies in Nepal but wherever they have gone for further studies and for their career. Due to the holistic education they receive, they are equipped with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to cope with the challenges that come their way. They have enhanced the reputation of the college. Most of the students of XA tend to go abroad for further studies. Many graduates are doing very well in different parts of the world in different sectors. The XA graduates are truly precious jewels of the college. XA is extremely proud of all its alumni as well as the students, who are studying in XA. XA would like to thank the students, the alumni and the parents for the immense trust that they have placed on the college. XA will continue to do whatever it needs to justify this trust.


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