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Sky is our only limit with regard to our academic leaps

Durga Prasad Joshi,

Principal, Nepal Western Academy

Chairperson, Crescent City School


Durga Prasad Joshi, a socialist and educationist, is always worried about bringing about a new concept in teaching and introducing market-demanded courses to the college hopefuls. He has been continuously working in the educational sector since 2044 BS. He was the first academician to introduce Hotel Management course in plus two level in United Scholars’ Academy 2063BS at, which is currently known as Dhangadhi City School. With his concrete plan, he introduced BBA-BI and BHM in affiliation with Pokhara University in 2066BS. Mr. Joshi is the principal at Nepal Western Academy and chairperson at Dhangadhi City School. Here is a brief account of his conversation with College Readers. Excerpts:


Introduction to Nepal Western Academy

Nepal Western Academy, established in 2009 AD, aims to set a benchmark in management and engineering education in far western region of Nepal. To meet the growing demand of banking and insurance and hotel industries worldwide, the academy offers BBA-BI and BHM.


The objective of this program is not only to provide sound knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills but also to develop good and worthy citizens of our country. The provision of career development training from a globally acclaimed hotel management institute is the ice on the cake. A total of 42 subjects have been taught during four years of its academic programs.


NWA is situated in a lovely plot of land near regional police office of Santoshi Tole. It has excellent teaching faculty, outstanding learning ambience and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Each class of the academy encompasses a limited number of students, which guarantees personal attention and encourages interaction and open dialogue between the teachers and students. The college also focuses on personality development and provides one-on-one career counseling throughout the course duration. As well as focusing on innovation, continuous improvement and service orientated education, the college adopts a range of teaching methods based on role-play, demonstration, group discussion, seminar and industrial tour.


Synopsis of Crescent City School

Crescent City School is a consummate English medium school, located in an easily accessible peaceful academic atmosphere of Dhangadhi city. It imparts quality education with strong moral value. So, it is a totally unique and model school in the far western region. The principal aim of its establishment was to impart value based education with sophisticated facilities. A variety of extortionate equipment has been set in Montessori level so that children receive complete education and learn in this academic milieu varies strategies of ensuring well-being. The classrooms are well furnished and completely steel based furniture items have been used.  Each class does not exceed the number of 25 students. It is believed to be the most expensive school in this region. The building incorporates various and separate rooms for different purposes: writing, reading/ meeting area, and learning center to cater the different learning needs to the learners. Safety and security has been given the highest priority.


The aim of developing future jewels into capable and responsible human resources cannot be fulfilled just by teaching textbooks in the classrooms. Acknowledging this inevitable aspect of exceptional tutoring, the school organizes a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to culminate the empirical knowledge of the young learners. The school embodies a team of well-experienced and trained instructors who are paid handsome salaries, which are above the government salary scale.


What is the inspirational factor that fired your zeal to embrace teaching profession?

My ultimate aim was to be engaged in politics and get involved in politics so I direly needed an independent project that eventually fired my enthusiasm to embrace this profession. I completed my schooling from an English medium boarding school and subsequently I taught at a boarding school. Perhaps, this might be the reason of inspiration to enter into the education field. In fact, I established a few schools and colleges to promote award-winning education autonomously.


What is the flagship of Nepal Western Academy?

Nepal Western Academy is the standalone institution to offer BBA-BI and BHM programs in the mid and far western regions. We pledge internship enrichment to the students at reputed star hotels in Nepal, Dubai and Malaysia. Moreover, the core feature of Nepal Western Academy is that our graduates have successfully embraced rewarding careers in reputed organizations across the globe and are easily employable in global economy. We have established our own practical laboratories for the students so that they won’t astonish whilst visiting star hotels and restaurants for their practical approaches.


Could you share with us the remarkable attainments of the graduates of Nepal Academy?

We are very proud of our students’ attainments as they are capably and prodigiously involved in reputed jobs in every nook and corner of the world. They are not compelled to be involved in low-profile work as they gain a deluge of experience and attain outstanding academic qualification before embarking on new jobs.


How is the market demand of business-related courses locally?

BBA-BI and BHM are highly demanded courses, so we need not to worry about our students’ career assurance. Dhangadhi is a developing city amid modern marvels, which facilitates its denizens the service of hotel industry, banking and finance sectors. Therefore, the significance of these courses has dramatically risen.


Are you envisaging introducing any new programs in future?

We are intending to introduce BE Civil and BBA which we have already proposed for the certification from Pokhara University.


How can we develop FWDR as the centre for academic excellence?


To develop FWDR as an educational hub, there are a few fundamentals that we have to resolve internally which we are doing painstakingly. Moreover, the espousal and trust from our students and parents also plays a key role to ignite the spark of promising academic milieu, which we are continuously receiving. So, we are committed to delivering quality assurance through a range of programs.


Distinguishing between your present days and the past ones, how satisfied are you now?

I am fully contented. There is no any regret for choosing this sector as my profession. My parents used to suggest that I should prepare for Public Service Commission or join a bank to witness a head start of my bread-winning career, but my denial eventually helped me to reach this level that always gives me full contentment.


How is the academic scenario of FWDR if we consider Dhangadhi an educational hub?

Dhangadhi is the education hub for the college hopefuls of the far western development region with regard to the assurance of quality education. This region incorporates myriads prospects in the arena of education. Furthermore, a large number of private institutions and medical colleges have been established in the course of time and few institutions are being established now.


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