Shivahari Sharma Mudbhari

An epitome of successful academic entrepreneurship


National Academy of Science and Technology, popularly known as NAST, was established 20 years ago in collaboration with 50 prestigious personalities. Within the 20 years of history, it has been able to earn its name and fame for imparting quality education in plus two level (Science and Management) and bachelor’s level: BE Civil, BCA, BE Computer and BBA, accredited by Pokhara University. Now, NAST has its own state-of-the-art infrastructure where as many as 1600 students are currently studying here.


In the beginning, NAST was in a critical condition. Subsequently, the leadership of Shiva Hari Sharma Mudbhari brought about drastic change in the administration of the institution as a guardian that has eventually led the institution to a progressive way. Mr. Mudbhari reminisces his early days at NAST that there was the due salary of the staff for seven months, and Nepal Engineering Council was about to dismiss the license of the college whilst he was just going to take up the responsibility of the college administration. In such a condition, anyone can imagine how he struggled to reach this condition. It would not have been possible if the concerned authority and Pokhara University had not supported him.


NAST is committed to maintaining excellent academic milieu which, no doubt, is the most crucial matter of any academic institution. It is one of the best result-achieving institutions amid Pokhara University affiliated colleges. The college has been achieving 80-100% aggregate results in average every year. Approximately 70% of the students score more than 3 CGPA. The outstanding achievements of the students to be enlisted in the university dean’s list reflect the excellent individual academic upshots as well.


Moreover, BE computer graduates of NAST have excellent employability in different fields. Mr. Mudbhari is proud of his students that most of them are involved in government jobs in Nepal unlike entrepreneurs in foreign lands.


While comparing NAST to Kathmandu based educational institutions, Mr. Mudbhari has left no stone unturned to ensure quality deliverance. Administering an engineering college outside the valley is more difficult and challenging than running in the valley and its outskirts. Recruiting efficient human resources is the most challenging conundrum that is dropping over the administrative bodies in various colleges beyond the valley, which is certain to beget dysfunctional repercussions that eventually lead to academic derailment. A large number of prodigious professors and teachers should be recruited from Kathmandu although students are desperate to pursue higher studies in the capital city. In such a condition, his institution is competing with them yet with a low fee structure.


Shivhari Sharma Mudbhari is an established name in the education field in the Far Western and Mid-Western regions. His thirst for teaching since his early school days inspired him to embrace the teaching career later and now we are getting such a successful personality to flourish the educational institution in the far western region. Following his SLC qualifications, he embarked on teaching career. He is a master graduate in Economics from Tribhuvan University. During his teaching career, he taught in several swathes of territory like Dhankuta, Chitwan, Kathmandu, Dhangadhi, etc. The success stories and the flagship of academic excellence of Aishwarya Vidya Niketan School are relative to the competent leadership of Mr. Mudbhari’s as principal.


In his seventies, he is active and energetic as if he is still young. He conducts 4-5 hours of impromptu classes every day since the campus does not prepare his regular lecturing schedules. He says without teaching it is difficult to understand the behavior of the students. He adds that such teaching helps him evaluate and counsel the students properly. He shares, “I feel relaxed, privileged and happy whenever I am inside the classroom teaching my students. I feel lucky to interact with my students, know something about them, and deliver my prowess to them.”


Teaching is a prestigious profession and everyone wants to be good at it. According to him, the main traits of a good teacher incorporate interactive skills, inquisitive quest for new knowledge and well-prepared lesson plan before embarking on tutoring in a classroom. This could be true students feel relaxed and easy to grasp the ideas teachers share whilst teaching amid interactive academic ambience.

Mr. Mudbhari has figured out that today’s students are smart enough to cope with recent technological advancement. They are genius, capable, self-motivated, wise, talented and techno-savvy. However, some students are found reluctant to their study, but enforced by obligations of their parents as chokehold.


He envisages abundant opportunities in the arena of education if it receives apropos evaluation and espousal from stakeholders, parents and government. He wants to develop NAST as a centre for quality deliverance. His inner intention is that the students of this region get a chance to pursue MBA in their native place, but he expresses his detestable experience that Pokhara University didn’t approve accreditation of MBA program despite all the preparation for its launching.


Promoted and administered by a team of nationally and globally renowned academicians, researchers and professionals, NAST has proved itself to be a centre of learning for academic excellence in the spheres of science, technology and management. It offers a wealth of facilities and greater opportunities to the students. Principally, priorities are given to the students of the far-western and mid-western development regions whose talents are sabotaged by economical and geographical complications. NAST is committed to imparting quality education and producing highly qualified and potential human resources that can easily acclimatize the national and international academic and professional horizon with honor and appreciation.


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