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Quality education has nothing to do with only appealing percentage; it’s all about behavioral goodness


Puran Bahadur Joshi

Puran Bahadur Joshi—the founder principal of Hetauda School of Management (HSM) –has ensconced himself to have been a leading personality in the academic field. As his leadership attained the stratospheric niche, HSM has earned the stratospheric reputation as the standalone management school in the district.  HSM has been running plus two programs in Science and Management, affiliated to NEB and BBS, BIM, MBS affiliated to Tribhuvan University.


With the aim at encouraging students for better performance, he announced to award the topper students with hand cash prizes. Those students, who are studying in grade twelve, will be assessed for a cash prize amounting to Nrs. 100,000 and the topper will receive such a financial priviledge based on their final examinations results conducted by NEB. Similarly, an amount of Nrs. 50,000, 25,000 and 10,000 will be rewarded to the second, third and fourth toppers respectively. College Readers caught up with him and discussed the existing status quo of the college and his future plans. Excerpts:


Could you possibly explicate the scholarship scheme that the college pledges to the toppers?

My aim is to serve the students, but not earn money. The income I gain from teaching and administration some portion of my earnings is awarded to the students for their welfare and benefits. Therefore, from this year, we have reached the conclusion that we have to inspire students and ensure they perform better by pledging some financial comforts to the students who show appealing examinations results both in grade 11 & 12. Two toppers from science and management streams will be awarded Nrs. 100,000.00. Similarly, fifty thousand, twenty five thousand, and ten thousand rupees will be awarded to the second, third, and fourth position holders respectively.


What is your main purpose for pledging such a scholarship scheme?

I have managed this scholarship in the appellation of my mother from very beginning. Now, the amount and number of scholarships has been increased so as to motivate students’ performances.


How is the achievement of the +2 science graduates of Hetauda School of Management?

The result itself shows that we have helped students achieve higher every year. Out of 355 students 314 students successfully conquered the examinations conundrums and 86 students got the distinction.





How do you analyze the achievements of the graduates from engineering and medical spheres?

Our students are capable of pursuing medicine and engineering courses and some of them have already commenced their jobs. So, we are trying to show our best upshots to ensure better career choices for our graduates.


Is there any provision of pre-medical and pre-engineering courses for the students while they are in grades 11 and 12?

We started disseminating such courses from the 1st of Bhadra for 12th graders and we are intending to impart the same courses for the 11th graders from Mangsir.


Could you share with us achievements of the students of bachelor level?

We had the university topper from BBS two years ago. Similarly, we have had a few university toppers in BIM as well.


What are the distinct features of Hetauda School of Management?

We ensure that each student gets additional knowledge for enhancing their learned knowledge. We not only involve them in getting higher percentage also we help them participate in extra-curricular activities in an amicable academic milieu. We maintain disciplined behavior and environment among the students. We encourage and motivate our students to solidify their dreams.


How do you bring behavioral reforms in undisciplined students and motivate them to achieve their career potentials?

No students are bad in their nativity rather their behavior depends on the environment they are nurtured and taught. Our main focus is to provide them such an environment where they are dealt properly. We give them a series of motivational classes. Each of our activity is projected to motivate and encourage students and teach them to cope with their problems and difficulties themselves.


What is the number of students in +2 level?

A total of 1700 students are part of Hetauda School of Management encompassing 11th and 12th graders. Subsequently, as many as 550 students are studying in bachelor level and 70 in MBS.


What’s your current plan that would escalate the goodwill of the college in the next five years?

We are focusing more on slowing the pace of students going to Kathmandu. We are working diligently to prove that Hetauta itself is an educational hub for higher education.



How do you define ‘quality education’?

Quality education does not mean only getting a degree with appealing percentage. It should enable the learners to cope with life’s challenges. Therefore, each institution should impart education in an empirical way so that it may play a vital role to lay the strong foundation of the community where they dwell in particular and nation at large. All in all, for the assurance of quality education good leaders should be available.






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