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Bhawani Prasad Poudel

Genesis of inspiration for learners and tutors


Bhawani Prasad Poudel is an icon in the field of academia, who lives in the outskirts of Kathmandu. He is one of the most humble principals of Nepal. He is well-known for his inspiring and networking skills. He has almost a three-decade long experience of academic administration.


He is friendly, social, amicable and a person with good sense of humour.

Mr. Poudel is a good leader. About two decades ago as principal of Manakamana School he formed a group of private schools and named Jorpati Forum and united the school/college owners into one umbrella for their professional development while they were tormented by the rebels and others in the most perilous period of insurgency. Later, his vision and professional guidelines helped them to form a college to provide quality education in tertiary level in the outskirts of the town. As a result, they founded Jaya Multipple Campus and offered him the chairmanship of the college.


Now, Jaya Multiple Campus is the benchmark of quality education in the north-east part of the Kathmandu valley. The campus is running plus two programs in Science, Management and Humanities, affiliated to NEB, and BA, BSW, BBS and MBS, accredited by TU. In initiation of Mr. Poudel, the entire team is striving to introduce BCA, BBA & BIM in near future.


Mr. Poudel, under the banner of Jaya Multiple Campus, runs a range of curricular and extracurricular activities among the students of catchment area in coordination with the concerned line authorities for students’ intellectual as well as physical well being, which covers more than 200 schools. School and college education plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s career by providing sense of righteousness to enable them to differentiate between moral choices. Acknowledging this fact, Jaya Multiple Campus is at the forefront in order to develop students into competent individuals who work practically to cope with various world affairs. Needless to say, the efficient leadership of Mr. Poudel enables students to overcome life’s conundrums and ensure rewarding careers.

One of the notable traits of Bhawani Poudel is that he is always supportive and a reliable source of aspirations for the students as well as staff members. He often shows the professional deal amid his students, and hence, motivates them for better performance. So, he has been found popular amongst students and staff members as well.


Mr. Poudel commenced his career as a teacher of Accountancy from Manakamana School in Dakshindhoka, Gokarna. Soon after that, he became successful to escalate his mojo and embrace the post of principal. First of all, he improved the infrastructure of the school by modifying and beatifying both buildings and human resources. He allowed the students to go to him straight away if any of them had any complaints, problems or suggestions. He drew full attention to the problems that the teachers were facing and brought developed a good modus vivendi amidst teachers, students and their parents. He formed alumni of teachers, students and parents and conducted various programs that would usher individual’s personal and professional growth.


While doing all these activities, he did not compromise on quality education that imparted life-changing education. As an upshot of his exhaustive and amicable camaraderie, Manakamana School escalated its position to be one of top ten schools of SLC Board Examinations in 2052BS.


Such a long experience and glorious achievement of past has enabled Mr. Poudel to ignite the spark of his skills, prowess and knowledge over Jaya Multiple Campus by coordinating all the schools, colleges and stakeholders so as to achieve the expected results and ensure a win-win situation for all people concerned.



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