Hem Kumari Chaudhary-Managing Director, Oasis Medical College & Teaching Hospital


Serendipity gives us hope; dedication confirms success


Hem Kumari Chaudhary

Managing Director, Oasis Medical College & Teaching Hospital


Mili Juli Secondary School was established in 2041 BS in Chitwan. In the incipient days of the school, it offered classes commencing from Nursery to LKG and subsequently was developed into an institution that would offer plus two level programs. Students from around 66 districts come for enrolments. The college also offers a range of courses of management and education disciplines.


The school pledges its students every sort of facility, and has a capacious ground for sporting events. It manages even swimming training for the students. Because of a wealth of opportunities the school offers to its students it has ignited its goodwill not only thorough out the country but also in global level. It has excellent results in the entire programs: science, engineering or CA, BBA, and MBA.


Hem Kumari Chaudhary, founder of Mili Juli School shares, “If I have to reminisce our past, there was not a sufficient number of private schools in Chitwan”, adding that moreover, most of the students would fail in S.L.C., and even some schools got nil results as well. Acknowledging such problems in education and envisaging high potentials of quality education she, along with her husband, continued to educate young learners with strong dedication and commitment. Commenced the school with 12 students in Nursery, now the school has more than one thousand students studying from Nursery to plus two level.


The first batch of the students appeared in SLC examinations in 2050BS. Thousands of students have graduated from this school and established their careers in various sectors like medical, engineering, CA, and business.


The school was named after her twin daughters: Mili and Juli. Juli passed gynecology from TU last year, and Mili is going to complete her MBBS next year. Juli worked in Chitwan Medical College for two years and the other in Bharatpur Medical College.


Without health and education, it is impossible to develop the country. Acknowledging this fact, she established Oasis Medical College and Teaching Hospital, where 7th batch of staff nurse, 10th batch of bachelor of Public Health, 5th batch of B.Sc. Nursing students are engaged in medical practices. ‘We have intake of 40 students in BPH, 40 in BN, 20 in B.Sc. Nursing and 40 in staff nurse’, she says.  BPH, BN and B.Sc. Nursing programs are affiliated to Purbanchal University whereas Staff Nurse is affiliated to CTEVT.


The attraction of the students in health science programs of Purbanchal is appealing now. The university is adding new courses as per the need and demand of time. The timely management of the examinations and results is another distinct feature of Purbanchal University.


‘We have constructed a hospital in 0.67 hectare (one bigha) of land and in the same amount of land, we have also constructed an academic building that encompasses classes which are running smoothly’, she adds.


She says if everything does not occur as serendipity but dream-come-true way, they will surely establish an independent medical college.




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