Prakriti Dhamala


 Journey Begins

After completing the first phase of educational level, which means passing grade X, it’s finally that crucial time when we start preparing for a better future. In this moment, the matter of discussion in every SEE appeared students home is; which subject? And which college? Speaking personally, I am a person who dreams to make my life a big field, grow crops in fields, like challenges in life. Finding myself in the nature, engaging my mind in research and study, learning new ideas and skills each day and extending my relations with plants are the things that I am passionate about. In the journey of fulfilling this, I choose science as my subject for my carrier.

I have heard many people saying, “I will study science for two years because I can choose any stream in future”. I agree with this. The best thing that I feel about science is our entire life falls in science. Starting with measurements, energy, work, power in physics to the chemicals and its combination in chemistry and finally to the life of plants and animals in biology. These matters form a subject science where as these components creates the whole world. The coming two years are also important phase of educational period, because it shapes our future. The subject we choose today determines our whole journey ahead, a silly mistake and then it can tear you apart. Choosing subjects is one of the important decisions that we make in this particular period. On the basis of our capacity, interest we must seek a subject and then start shaping our lives.

Colleges are those temples where education is the god and teachers are our priests. They show us the way to pray, but the wish we make in front of god is our choice. Nowadays, in context of shaping our future there are many colleges especially inside Kathmandu valley. But, it is our decision to continue the path with that college in which we think are the facilities that we would prefer. As I think, size of building doesn’t affect until the quality of education is good, facilities are the additional parts that we must find according to our criteria and needs, and otherwise the hard work and dedication must come from within.

Well, I have already dreamt of moving ahead by selecting science as I see myself working in the rural areas of the country, doing research and organizing public awareness camps to the local people after ten years. I believe in myself, definitely have confidence in my future and then am sure that no barrier will stop me. The motto that I have set up for my life is, “Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look u and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. When I get fully dedicated towards my destination, there is no doubt that success will be waiting for me in the peak”. Now, it’s your turn to prepare to come over the next door because this journey starts here and this very moment. So my friend, which one do you choose?




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