Shambhu Dahal


Shambhu Dahal

A progenitor of academic benchmarks


Shambhu Dahal was born on 19th June, 1969 AD in Dhankuta-9, Paripatle. His parents were always eager to inspire him for study. Especially, his late mother put hard effort to make him educated. Following his SLC degree from Amar Secondary School Bagaindhura, Jhapa in 2043 BS, he went to Dharan for higher studies. He completed I.Com. from Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan in 2045 BS, B.Com. from Mahendra Morang Campus, Biratnagar in 2048 BS, and subsequently an MBA from Post Graduate Campus, Biratnagar in 2050 BS and his stratospheric degree of MPhil in Management from University Campus, Kirtipur.

Right after completion of master’s degree (MBA), he got a call from Nepal Commerce Campups (NCC), Minbhawan to deliver the lectures to the students MBA second year as a part time teacher. It was surprising and really a great initiative of his life. That was the turning point for him to enter into the education field; otherwise, he would have been in the Government Service as his parents’ wish. After joining NCC, he immediately started Kathmandu Education Institute (KEC)—the most popular tuition centre. Soon after that, he established F.W. Taylor College, Kalikasthan, which was later sold and transformed into GoldenGate International College. Then he shifted to WhiteHouse Graduate School of Management under the aegis of Himalayan WhiteHouse International College.

The leadership of Mr. Dahal prevailed on all aspects of the school management and created a milestone to be one of the most sought colleges in Kathmandu. WhiteHouse Gradaute School of Management, which is the most popular hallmark for MBA degree, was ushered to its greater heights under the leadership of Mr. Dahal. Currently, it offers an array of courses in BBA, BLS and MBA levels.

Now, WhiteHouse Graduate School of Management has annexed with Himalayan WhiteHouse International College that imparts five different engineering programs in Khumaltar, Lalitpur. This could be possible with his coordination and exhaustive efforts. He says they are going to construct an engineering block in Putalisadak, Kathmandu encompassing requisite facilities for the learners.

Mr. Dahal is the president at Purbanchal University Colleges’ Association-Nepal (PUCAN). Mr. Dahal always adheres to bringing efficient programs. He sees that the foremost challenge is to conduct academic programs craftily. PU’s academic programs have found a pathway to their successful implementation for the last two years. The contribution and effort of Mr. Dahal is not considered to be comparable to track the university rightly while it was paralyzed. Holding a series of dialogues, discussions, lobbying with political parties and revealing real conundrums of the university in front of civil society, the university now has been able to touch the previous turning point and is now in progress.

A university is a sanctimonious educational resort that should never look for profits and surpluses rather it should promote and earn commercial targets to sustain and carry on its academic activities. Therefore, in order to instill good thoughts of rewarding education in college hopefuls, Mr. Dahal started organizing education fair as a harbinger to show a right pathway to academic pursuits. He adds, “We promote salubrious education, develop programs, update curriculum syllabuses and encourage concurrent and emerging issues and ideas to help our pupils expand their horizons of knowledge and understanding”. He adds, “Since our foremost priority is to redeem the legacy of the university, simultaneously we discourage unnecessary political brawls in the premises of the university”. Furthermore, he says, “We assist our curriculum development department to design our academic calendar”.

Now, you people can see the rapid transformation in academic deliverance and conducting of exams and publication of results in time. He believes this the efficacy of their rigorous and perseverant diligence.



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